How to Apply: Moderator

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This guide is intended for people applying to be a Moderator for the Space Station 13 community called Baystation. There are a number of other servers running modifications of our code and some don't change the defaults. Double check to make sure you're in the right place.

Currently, Moderator on-boarding is:

  • Applications: CLOSED.
  • Trials: CLOSED.


You can learn about what a Moderator does on Baystation by visiting the Guide to Server Moderation. To become one, you should apply while Moderator applications are open. We will not usually consider applications sent outside those times. There are also some basic requirements:

  • Be in good standing with the server.
    • You cannot be recently banned, even from jobs.
  • Be an active player on Baystation for a couple of months.
    • We like to know you first, and want you to stick around.
  • Be an adult.
    • We have no sexual content but expect maturity. This means an assertion of 18+.
  • Understand the Baystation approach to moderation.
    • As we will explore together below!

We also take input from other players and staff members on whether they think you would be a good fit. We won't share this input, but might give you pointers based on it.

How It Works

Moderators aren't catapulted straight in. We run two week trial periods after applications close. For the duration of the trial period, you will have access to the #staff-trials channel on Discord, but not general staff channels.

For the first week, you will need to be online at the same time as an Administrator. They will assign you the Trial Moderator role on demand – be proactive. At the end of this week we'll give you feedback, which might just be "Good job!".

For the second week, you will have the Trial Moderator role for the duration – no more asking. If everything has gone well by the end (and you're still happy to be here), you'll be a Moderator. If not, we may decline you or extend your trial period, depending on reasons.

How To Apply

To get started, open a text editor and for each thing below, copy the bolded title and answer it. Formatting isn't important. When you've finished, go to the discord and use the /tickets open command. Once you've created the ticket, add your answers. Staff may ask you follow up questions here.

Basic Info:

  • My BYOND Key - Who you log into BYOND as.
  • My Discord ID - Who you are on our Discord server.
  • Why I Want To Moderate - Just out of interest!

Game Scenarios:

The fun part. These tell us if you get the general idea, what we'll need to catch you up on if you're accepted, and what feedback we can give. We don't expect perfect answers and word counts don't matter – only write what you think you should do and why.

  • No. 1: blandmelon19 (Sophie Bernard) has joined the server for the first time. They have joined in a simple role without a customized character and are moving around without speaking, picking up items.
  • No. 2: tepidfluid (Jazz Hardy) and wildthrumbo19 (Ozue Izla), a Traitor, were in combat. Ozue Izla has won the fight. tepidfluid starts a ticket to complain that they were killed unreasonably.
  • No. 3: snoopysnoops has connected to the server but not joined the game. They ask a question about whether the current round needs an Engineer using OOC.
  • No. 4: The current round is ending. blandmelon19 (Alex Norman) starts a ticket to say that tepidfluid (Tony Contralto) has attacked wildthrumbo19 (Xuq'xuq Quuqu-uu). An Administrator mentions that wildthrumbo19 created the first attack log. When you look, all three are fighting.
  • No. 5: frosting123 mentions that they would like to apply for a species. They mention things they like about it, but some of the things are clearly wrong – perhaps from another server.

However it goes in your case – thanks for taking the time to apply.

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