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These rules govern all parts of the Baystation12 community: the game server, website, and official discord server. They exist to guide you in how we expect you to act within our community and, if you do something wrong, so that we can help to explain what was wrong about what you did. You should familiarize yourself with the rules before participating. If you have questions or need to report a problem with another user, contact a member of staff in-game with adminhelp (F1) or through the #staff-help channel in the official discord server.

If you are new or returning to Baystation12, you should also read Sol Central Government Law, the Sol Code of Uniform Justice, and Standard Operating Procedure so that you understand what your character will be expected to know about the law and the ship while you play the game.


You are here to have fun in good faith. Play, but not at the personal expense of others.

The rules exist to foster good play. Their intent is more important than their wording.

The staff are players who help you. Everyone is a person who is giving you their time.

1 – Community Rules

  1. Do not harass or be cruel to other users.
  2. Do not post, link to, or instruct on accessing broadly illegal or adult material.
  3. Do not use real slurs, or fictional slurs based on real slurs.
  4. Do not attack or vilify other communities.
  5. Do not evade bans or use multiple accounts.
  6. Do not use account info like name or status to be offensive.
  7. Do not ask admins to change other admins' decisions.
  8. Do not advertise anything without senior staff permission.
  9. Listen to staff members – they are not your enemy.

2 – Server Rules

  1. Do not use non-English languages to communicate.
  2. Do not grief, sandbox, or deathmatch, including after round end.
  3. Do not use bugs or exploits.
  4. Do not talk about the current game in OOC, or outside the server.
  5. This is not an ERP server. Do not, and do not waste slots by tabbing out.
  6. Do not try to influence vote outcomes in any chat channel.
  7. Do not touch or take from AFK/SSD characters without permission.
    – During an emergency like decompression, notifying staff afterward is okay.
  8. Do not quit play through AFK/idling, disconnecting, or suicide without permission.
    – If you must leave suddenly, try to tell us. You do not need to wait for an answer.
  9. Do not comment on others play in OOC; instead, contact staff with concerns.
  10. Do not plan to start new conflicts once a round has been voted to end.
    – Do not begin new antagonistic action plans after the main timer begins.
    – Do not begin new fights of any kind after the final short timer begins.
    – If something is ongoing, you may continue unless staff tell you not to.

3 – Character Rules

  1. Play as a reasonable character. Some antagonist rules negate parts of this. Check and see.
    1. They must fit the game setting and have an appropriate name (see Rule 3.6).
    2. They must have common sense, seek comfort, and avoid pain and death.
    3. They must have skills and knowledge appropriate to their age and job.
    4. They must not seek to kill, maim, or act "crazy" under normal conditions (see Rule 3.7).
    5. They must not use meta-concepts: "round", "antag", "chat log", etc.
    6. They must not be or use references to real people and current media.
  2. The idea of character "canon" is limited to Torch characters socializing.
    – Narrative events according to #campfire are real and may be referenced.
  3. Do not mix character identities between different spawn contexts:
    – Torch characters should not be used as Raiders, Survivors, etc.
  4. Do not join a round as the same character twice without permission.
  5. Do not ignore the job you joined as, or try to do other jobs.
    – This includes passengers and "off" to "on" duty.
  6. Character Naming
    Note: This is character name in setup. Records may be more complicated.
    • Humans:
      – Must be "Firstname Surname".
      – Particles like "von" are allowed.
      – Initials, titles, middle, & nicknames are not.
    • Vat-Grown Humans
      – As Humans, or "X-Code", or "Code-X".
      – X may be a human name or mononym.
      – Code is a simple alphaneumeric pair. Don't get spicy.
    • IPC
      – As Vat-Grown Humans, or a mononym without number.
      – Mononyms may be words.
    • Skrell:
      – As Humans, or a mononym, picking from Skrellian-language and human names.
    • Unathi:
      – Must be "PersonalName ClanName", using Unathi-language names.
    • Yeosa Unathi:
      – Must be "ClanName PersonalName WorkName", using Unathi-language names.
    • Diona:
      – Must be a chosen description of formative sensory experience, or shortening.
    • Adherent:
      – Must be a job title appropriate to chosen role, followed by dashed alphanumeric ID.
    • Serpentid:
      – Must be a simple human mononym.
    • Vox:
      – Hit random, work it out.
  7. Character Disabilities
    1. Non-Antagonist characters:
      –Cannot have any disorder that causes them to be dangerous or unemployable.
    2. Torch EC, Fleet, and Contractors not mentioned in Rule 3.7.3:
      – Cannot have missing limbs; functional prosthetics do not count as missing.
      – Cannot be mute, deaf, or blind.
    3. Passengers, Civilian Command, Service, & Science, and Off-Main Spawns:
      –Cannot have more than 2 missing limbs.
      –Cannot have more than 1 missing arm.
    4. Passengers and Off-Main Spawns:
      –May be mute OR deaf OR blind.
  8. Do not create characters that are, or depict, minors – under 18 or equivalent.
  9. Do not use text simplifications in character speech – emoji, netspeak, et cetera.

4 – Antagonist Rules

These rules do not apply to roles given different instructions by admins. Provocateurs (standard off-main spawns) are not antagonists.

  1. You must antagonize the Torch and may not ignore your role.
    – Except Renegades, who only need to focus on self defense.
  2. You must invent a reasonable story, even if simple, to explain your actions.
  3. You may choose any skill set your antagonist skill picks allow.
    –You must still obey the limitations of your skills once picked.
  4. You may ignore species naming rules.
    – Community and server rules always apply.
  5. You may freely kill and maim others, so long as it is justified by your story.
    –You may not go on killing sprees simply for body count.
    – You do not need to give every victim a deep interaction.
  6. You may not use or know of the tools of other antagonist types until they are demonstrated.
    –You may know the obvious: obvious weapons are obvious weapons, odd tools are odd tools.
    – This rule also applies to non-antagonists encountering antagonist tools.

5 – Staff Rules

  1. You must enforce the rules. You are not exempt from the rules.
  2. You must remain up to date with staff policies and guidelines.
  3. Remain positive in your role. You represent the team and community.
  4. Respect confidentiality. Do not discuss administrative actions in public without senior staff permission.
  5. Do not carry out any kind of staff action via any unofficial channel without senior staff permission.
  6. Do not manipulate the flow of a round without due consideration or a vote. Events are supposed to be fun, not disruptive.
  7. Do not use staff powers to give yourself unnecessary advantages.