Guide to the Obstruction Field Disperser

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The Obstruction Field Disperser is a powerful tool used to destroy hazards on the overmap or perform remote actions on away sites. It is located on Deck 3, port side, in the fire control room.


  1. Load a charge or a locker/crate into the obstruction field disperser material deconstructor through the delivery chute or the access airlock.
  2. Select an adjacent overmap tile using the OFD control console by setting the direction in which the OFD will fire.
    • Choosing no direction will result in the OFD firing at its current location.
  3. Set strength and range.
  4. If your piloting skill is at least Trained, use pre-calibration to save time.
  5. Calibrate the OFD.
  6. Open the OFD blast door.
  7. Make an announcement informing the ship of the imminent firing.
  8. Press fire.
  9. Assuming you calibrated properly, the OFD now will choose the best target on the selected overmap tile.
    • If there is an event, it will always try to destroy it, but will only succeed if the event is weak to the loaded charge.
    • Assuming the OFD found no events it will try to shoot at a ship on the tile.
    • Assuming the OFD found no ships it will try to shoot at a sector on the tile.
    • Assuming none of those were found, then there is no effect; the charge is wasted.
  10. Wait for the OFD to cool down.
  11. Repeat as needed.
  12. To access the obstruction field disperser itself, enable the gas pump leading from the grey pipe to the blue pipe to repressurize the chamber.

Charge types and their effects on ships and sectors

  • Fire (FR1-ENFER): Creates a non-atmos compliant fire in an area lasting up to 20 seconds.
  • EMP (EM2-QUASAR): Emps an area.
  • Mining (MN3-BERGBAU): Mines out instantly a large area, and hurts mobs in its way. Everything else is unaffected.
  • Explosive (XP4-INDARRA): Causes a remote explosion. It's relatively weak (5x5) even on maximum settings.
  • Crate/locker aka droppod (HERMES): Sends the locker/crate to the chosen tile. Gibs all mobs inside, and hurts atoms on the target tile. Everything else is unaffected.


Each time a new target is selected the OFD will generate four calibration numbers. All four slots must match up and be in order of those numbers. If a number is correct and is at a correct place it will raise accuracy by 25%. If it is correct, but the slot is not, it will raise accuracy by 17%.

What NOT to do

  • Shoot the OFD on cooldown. This will result in an explosion.
  • Shoot while the blast door to space is locked. This will also result in an explosion.
  • Shoot at the away team as a non-antag. (The chance of actually killing someone is marginal, still, hold fire while the away team is out.)

Obstacles and weaknesses

Obstacle Fire EMP Mining Explosive
Electrical storm
Dust cloud
Ion cloud
Carp school

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