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You will need the following for this page:

Tool Icon Description
Insulated Gloves Insulated gloves.png Hackables have power lines, and cutting/pulsing these without gloves can harm you.
Screwdriver Screwdriver.png For opening up panels and the like. A necessary tool.
Wirecutters Wirecutters.png For cutting and mending wires. Also a necessary tool.
Multitool Multitool.png For pulsing wires; not necessary for most hacking, but makes life a lot easier.
Crowbar Crowbar.png For prying the door open once you've hacked it.

Airlock.png Airlocks

Both internal and external access airlocks are hackable, though hazard doors and privacy shutters are not hackable. Wires are randomized at the start of each round, but are standardized throughout the station (e.g., every orange wire might toggle the bolts). Remember, cutting power to the door will stop everything else from working.

Finding the Right Wires (With a Multitool)

Wires are randomized, so you need to identify them every round. The most important ones to identify are the "test light" wire and the "door bolts" wire.

  1. Remember to equip Insulated gloves.png insulated gloves to prevent electric shock.
  2. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on the airlock to open the panel and expose the wiring
  3. With a Multitool.png multitool, click on the airlock to access the wiring.
  4. Click each "Pulse" link to pulse the wires, and keep an eye on "The door bolts" and "The test light" at the bottom of the menu (two wires will cause this - pick either one). When you see either the "The test light is off!" or "The door bolts have fallen!", remember the colors of both wires.
  5. To put the door back to normal, the test light will need to be on first. It will come back on by itself after 10 seconds and can't be tripped until the 10 seconds has elapsed. Then, re-pulse the door bolts wire to raise them again, and close the wiring panel with your screwdriver. You can also manually cycle the test light by cutting it and mending it again, thereby bypassing the ten second timer.

Airlock Hack (With a Multitool)

If you have a multitool, getting through doors gets a lot easier and faster.

  1. Have the Multitool.png multiool in one hand and a Crowbar.png crowbar in another for quick switching. You'll only have 10 seconds (but you can retry if you fail).
  2. Pulse the Test light wire, then quickly switch to your crowbar and click on the door to pry it open while the power is off.
    • Note: The door will NOT stay open unless you also drop the bolts. If you want to close it immediately, click on it with the crowbar again, then use the screwdriver to close the wiring panel.

Finding the Right Wires (Without a Multitool)

Make sure you choose a door that you and everyone else won't mind you breaking, because in most cases this will prevent the door from opening again until it's repaired by an Engineer.

  1. Remember to equip Insulated gloves.png insulated gloves to prevent electric shock.
  2. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on the airlock to open the panel and expose the wiring
  3. Equip Wirecutters.png wirecutters.
  4. Click on the door to open the menu, then slowly Cut each wire until you see "The test light is off!" at the bottom of the menu and remember the colour of the wire. You can still find the test light even if you accidentally cut the door bolts wire.
  5. Mend all the wires and leave that door alone.
  6. Now that you know which wire controls the test light, move on to your intended door.

Finding the Right Wires (With Electrical Engineering Skill)

  1. Remember to equip Insulated gloves.png insulated gloves to prevent electric shock.
  2. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on the airlock to open the panel and expose the wiring
  3. Equip Wirecutters.png wirecutters.
  4. Depending on your Electrical Engineering skill (Experienced shows a few, Master shows most) the wires should be labelled. This can even negate the need for insulated gloves, if you can see the test/power wire.
  5. Now that you know which wire controls the test light, move on to your intended door.

Airlock Hack (Without a Multitool)

  1. Open the wiring panel with the Screwdriver.png screwdriver.
  2. Using the Wirecutters.png wirecutters, cut the test light wire that you found earlier.
  3. Use a Crowbar.png crowbar on the door to pry it open.

Wire Functions

  • ID wire: Pulsing will flash the 'access denied' red light; cutting will prevent anyone from opening the door if it's a restricted door; otherwise, it does nothing.
  • AI control wire: Pulsing will flash the 'AI control light' off temporarily; cutting will prevent the AI and cyborgs from accessing and controlling the door.
  • Main power wires (Test light wires): Pulsing will turn off the 'test light' and kill the power for ten seconds; cutting will turn off the test light and make the door unusable until auxiliary power comes on.
  • Backup power wire: Pulsing will turn off the 'test light' kill the power for 10 seconds if the main power is out, otherwise, nothing. Cutting will obviously disable the backup power. There are two of these.
  • Bolt control wire: Pulsing will toggle the bolts; cutting will drop the bolts.
  • Door control wire: If the door is ID restricted, this is pretty much useless. If not, Pulsing will open/close the door and cutting will keep it that way, similar to bolting.
  • Electrifying wire: Pulsing will electrify the door for 30 seconds; cutting will permanently electrify it until mended. This will cause the safety light to flash. You can find the wire easily because the door shoots sparks when pulsed or cut.
  • Safety wire: Pulsing will cause the safety light to flash red, causing anyone inside the airlock to be crushed when it closes. This causes around 30 brute damage. Cutting does absolutely nothing.
  • Timing wire: Pulsing will permanently change the door timing, making the door close faster. This can be useful in conjunction with disabling the safety wire. Cutting does absolutely nothing.


  • Create an obstacle by dropping the bolts, cutting all the wires, and then welding the door shut. This is especially effective if you happen to have the only pair of insulated gloves on the station.
  • Remotely pulse an airlock by attaching a signaler, which when signaled pulses the wire it's attached to. This allows you to remotely bolt and unbolt a door, for instance. Be sure to turn off the speaker so no one can hear it being toggled.
  • Hacking without gloves. First find two wires of importance. The bolts wire, and the test light wire. Pulse a random door to find out the wires. If you hear sparks, see your health going down or see the message "You feel a powerful shock coursing through your body!", close that hacking window and move onto another door. Once you got the main power wire, head to an unbolted door, pulse the wire, crowbar it open.
  • Deathtraps by cutting the door safety wire, when someone tries to go through the door, you can keep opening and closing it on them, until they die.

Apc.png APCs

Used to control power to a certain room. All APC breakers can be accessed via Power Monitoring Computers regardless of the lock status, and can be remotely controlled from there.

  1. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on APC to open the panel and expose the wiring.
  2. Equip a Multitool.png multitool.
  3. Put Wirecutters.png wirecutters in your other hand to quickly Cut and Mend a wire if you short out the power accidentally (which will likely happen).
    • Power wires (2): Pulse will short out the APC. You must cut and mend the wire to restore power. Not repairing the short will render the main breaker moot, even if accessed remotely.
    • AI control wire: Like the airlock, pulsing will flash the light off and on quickly; cutting will disable AI control
    • APC lock wire: This is the wining wire you want to pulse in order to unlock it.
  4. Use a Screwdriver.png screwdriver to close the wiring panel back up.

Air alarm.png Atmos Alarms

Used to monitor environmental factors in a room, such as temperature, pressure, toxins, etc.

  1. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on Air Alarms to open the panel and expose the wiring.
  2. Equip a Multitool.png multitool and Wirecutters.png wirecutters.
    • Id Scan: Pulsing will unlock the alarm for 30 seconds. Cutting will not allow people to access the alarm even if they have the correct ID. Mending will allow normal operation.
    • Alarm: Cutting will cause an atmos alert in the area, and most likely alert the AI as well. Pulsing will reset the alarm status. Mending allows the alarm to work again.
    • Panic Syphon: Cutting or Pulsing this wire will activate the panic syphon. Mending does nothing, and it must be turned off from the actual alarm.
    • AI Control: Cutting this wire will prevent the AI from using the alarm. Pulsing it flashes the light on and off quickly. Mending allows AI control.
    • Power: Cutting this wire will deactivate the alarm. Pulsing it turns it off for 30 seconds. Mending restored power.
  3. Use a Screwdriver.png screwdriver to close the wiring panel back up.

Autolathe.gif Autolathes

  1. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver the autolathe to open the maintenance panel.
  2. Click on the autolathe with an empty hand to access the wiring.
  3. There are three important wires. Cutting them toggles their light permanently, pulsing does so temporarily. Red light is power, green light is electrocution and blue is hacked options.
  4. Have fun accessing some new options
    • Compressed matter cartridges (for the RCD)
    • Handcuffs
    • Infrared sensor
    • Bullets and other ammunition
    • Flame Throwers (Without fuel)
    • Tactical Knife
    • Mechanical Trap

Security camera.gif Cameras

Used to view rooms from, they also have upgrades which allow them to see through walls, be invincible against EMPs and have a motion detection system.

  1. With a Screwdriver.png screwdriver in hand, click on the camera.
  2. After opening the panel, use your Wirecutters.png wirecutter on the camera. You will now get a wire cut menu like the airlock. There are multiple wires to look out for. NOTE: Every camera will have randomized wires.
    1. Power Wire - Cutting it will disable the camera, fixing it will enable the camera. Pulsing toggle the camera on and off.
    2. Alarm Wire - You do not want to cut this wire. You have to use a multitool to detect this, as it'll give off a beeping sound when pulsed. Cutting will trigger an alarm, fixing it will cancel the alarm.
    3. Light Wire - Cutting this will stop the AI from using the camera's light, fixing it will allow the AI to use the camera light. Pulsing toggles it.

Safe.png Safes

You are here because you need something locked up in that stupid indestructible metal box. Either for something very dangerous, or just because you have a good reason.

Idiots Guide to Safe Cracking

  • 1. Hold stethoscope in one hand, interact with safe using empty hand.
  • 2. Spin the dial to the right until you hear clunks, then keep spinning till you hear clicks and clacks.
  • 3. Stop spinning to the right when you hear a "Klink", "Tink", or "Plink"
  • 4. Spin to the left until you hear clacks again.
  • 5. Stop spinning when you hear a "Spring", "Sprang", "Sproing", "Clunk", or "Krunk"
  • 6. Open the safe.

Turn Back All Who Enter Here!

Okay so you want to know how this infernal metal box works?

Take a seat, cry in the corner and we can pick up once you are done.

I want you to picture inside the safe a pair of metal wheels. These are the "tumblers" - the first one clacks, the second one clicks.

The first of these wheels only start to spin when the dial is in the correct position, one click past the tumbler. The second wheel will only begin to turn when the first wheel has gone a full spin past the number on the dial that is one click past the tumbler on the second wheel.

So from this it means we need to spin the dial until the first engages just past its tumbler, then once the first is engaged you will hear clacks and similar sounds, then spin to a full rotation past the seconds tumbler to engage the second disk. Once the second disk is engaged you will hear clicks and similar sounds, continue spinning until you hear a "Klink", "Tink", or "Plink" this is the second tumbler.

Now you want to spin in the opposite direction, engage the first disk as before, and spin to its tumbler, on its own this tumbler snapping into place will make a "Krunk", "Tonk", or "Plunk" sound however if the second tumbler is in place already, instead you will hear a very loud "Spring", "Sprang", "Sproing", "Clunk", or "Krunk" sound, indicating the safe is open.


Fire alarm.png Fire alarm

Fire alarms, on getting cut, will not detect fire or activate the fire doors in the case of a fire or a breach.

Half gas mask.png Security Gasmask

Using a Screwdriver.png screwdriver on a Security Gasmask will change the lines it uses. A Wirecutters.png wirecutter will break the gasmasks's hailer, causing it to switch to a set of lines permanently. An emag will cause the hailer to spout a long string of curse words.

Shortwave.gif Radio & Signaller.png Signaler

  1. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on the offending radio so it can be modified or attached
  2. The usual radio use panel will pop up, but now with access to the wiring. If you've closed it by accident, just click on the radio as if you were going to change the settings on it.
  3. There are three wires. Two have apparent uses; the third is pretty much useless.
    • Output wire will disengage the speakers (or signal-receiving on a signaler)
    • Input wire will permanently disengage the microphone (or signal-sending on a signaler)

Interestingly, tracking beacons and station intercoms also count as radios.

Secure briefcase.png Secure Briefcase & Secure wall safe.png Secure Safe

  1. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver in hand, click on the (briefcase/safe) to open the panel and expose the wiring
  2. Multitool.png Multitool-spam the (briefcase/safe) until you get a confirmation that the memory is reset.
  3. The memory is now reset. Punch in your favorite code and hit E to set it.
  4. Screwdriver.png Screwdriver the panel shut.

Vending machine.gif Vending machines

The only thing worth hacking!

Four wires

  1. Firing wire when cut fires stuff at people. When pulsed will do so. Controlled by the blinking light. (Fun to watch people scream about being hit by stuff.)
  2. Contraband wire does nothing when cut, when pulsed unlocks illegal or rare goods and turns on the green light.
  3. Access wire when cut it changes the purple/yellow, allowing for ID restricted machines (med and sec machines) to be used by anyone. yellow means any one can use it and purple means only certain people can use it
  4. Shock wire Like the firing wire in effects from hacking, except it shocks instead of shoots. Toggles the orange light

(If you're an Antagonist, try shocking the clothing vendors. Great for doing light injury to people.)

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