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Difficulty: Hard
Supervisor: Nobody
Branches: Any
Ranks: N/A
Duties: Steal documents. Kidnap the CO. Be the villain the Torch deserves.
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A Traitor is a generic antagonist type that stems from the creative abilities of the player. The main occupation of the traitor is to antagonize the crew and provide challenges for the crew to overcome or attempt to overcome.

Traitoring 101

Congratulations, you've just rolled traitor! You are motivated to act as an antagonist and create turmoil on the Torch. Before you bust out the fire axe and go on a murderous rampage, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Server Rules, and make sure that whatever devious schemes you have planned for the crew don't cause you to have fun at the expense of someone else's fun. First things first, you'll want to come up with some sort of backstory as to why you're doing the bad things you're doing, and create a plan so you're not just randomly welder-bombing hallways. Below are some examples and ideas if you're having trouble coming up with your own.

  • An arms dealer, tasked with supplying your fellow antagonists with some serious firepower.
  • A territorial crime family boss, who calls the shots on all the shady activities aboard the Torch.
  • A corporate spy, attempting to reverse engineer Sol Government property for corporate gain.
  • An assassin, tasked with eliminating a crew member.
  • A twisted serial killer, who stalks and leaves cryptic clues as to who his next victims will be.
  • A hardcore thief, with a talent for breaking and entering and making off with highly valuable items.
  • A chemist turned illegal drug manufacturer.

The possibilities are nearly endless. However, if you choose to play a more high-profile traitor, adminhelping and making sure that you have an effective plan and that you aren't just randomly murdering people is always a good idea. For example, if you wish to play as an assassin, you might send a transmission warning your victim that a potential threat on their life is imminent. Even then, capturing them and explaining who hired you and why they want you dead is always a better idea than just whipping out a grenade launcher and incinerating your victim in the middle of the mess hall. If you're planning on doing something bad, always think if your action is logical and justifiable, and isn't just something you're doing for your own self-satisfaction. Being a traitor is to make the round more fun for everyone, not just yourself.


Main Article: Guide to Uplinks

So you've decided on a backstory and you have a plan in place. Traitors get access to all sorts of devious devices, tools, substances, services, and more. Simply access your notes, check your uplink code (which is typically in the format of three numbers followed by a word like “Delta”), and set your PDA ringtone to that code to access the menu.

Remember that the items that you choose to order from your uplink should pertain to your backstory. If you're a simple corporate spy, ordering a rocket launcher probably isn't the most logical thing to order. If you're a mob soldier, perhaps getting an easily concealable firearm is in your best interest.


When you first spawn in, you'll notice that you're given some code phrase words and some code responses. These are to identify other traitors. Normal players are typically prohibited from aiding an antagonist, so if you want to work with other players, working with other traitors is typically your best bet. The only time you should be having non-traitors do your dirty work for you is if you have significant leverage over them. Implanting them with an explosive implant, holding them at gunpoint, or just a good old-fashioned extortion will do the trick. However, be aware that they are in no way under any obligation to work for you. They may just as easily turn you in as they will aid you within the rules.

Once you identify other traitors, you can meet up and devise some devious schemes for the crew. It is typically advised to identify fellow traitors early. If you start to seek potential collaborators two hours into the round, they'll likely already be doing a scheme on their own. Collaborating with other traitors is usually much more fun than playing solo, as it allows you to form small organizations such as a drug cartel or something more simple like an investment fraud scheme.


Rolling traitor is an experience to make the round more fun for everyone. Never is it acceptable to don that shiny new energy sword and go on a killing spree. While traitors are allowed to break certain rules, they are not given a free pass. Every now and then, people have to die. Dying is part of the game and the beauty of respawning means that you don't have to wait hours to play again. In conclusion, you should never have fun at the expense of other people's fun and enjoyment. Make the round more interesting, and make it fun for everyone, yourself included!

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