From Baystation
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisor: Nobody
Branches: Any
Ranks: N/A
Duties: Defend yourself. Give in to your itchy trigger finger. Be a paranoid weirdo.
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A Renegade is a minor antagonist who is, essentially, just a paranoid crewmember with a gun. They appear in the round type “Spy v. Spy” alongside their counterpart, Traitors.

Unlike a true antagonist, a Renegade is not expected to (and shouldn't) actively antagonize the crew. Rather, a Renegade is concerned first and foremost with their own well-being – take that gun and defend yourself!

How To Renegade

As a Renegade, you're basically just a regular member of a crew rather than an actual antagonist. You have no evil plans of your own, just a strong desire to protect yourself – lethally, if need be. What sets you apart from the rest of the crew are the two main tools at your disposal:

  1. Your gun (obviously). A random firearm will spawn in your bag (or in your hand, if your bag's full) at round-start.
  2. Relaxed rules on reasonable character behavior. This is your most valuable tool! Unlike non-antagonist crew, you don't have to play a reasonable person trying to keep their job – you're a twitchy gun-nut, after all. While your actions should still generally make sense (i.e. you wouldn't shoot your co-worker for the lulz), you can push the bounds of “sane and reasonable” a lot further. Disobey orders. Make deals with antagonists (or shoot them). Kick puppies. Have fun.

Additionally, like other antagonists, you receive additional skill picks (1 Trained skill and 1 Basic) when you roll Renegade. Use the “Show Own Skills” verb to re-open the skill menu, if you don't want to pick your additional skills immediately. See Skills for more details on how skills work.

As for playing a Renegade, very little is required – it's perfectly reasonable to wait for threats to come to you and then defend yourself, and if none show up, all the better for you. You're also welcome to play it up and be surly, anxious, argumentative, and otherwise a pain in the ass. Or use your Renegade status to engage with the antagonists. The point is, Renegade is a flexible role: have fun with it.

What you should not do:

  • Use the role to valid-hunt/pretend to be Security/murder all the antags as fast as possible. Defending yourself is fine, but you shouldn't be tracking down bad guys across the ship to execute them. You will be bwoinked if you do so. Remember: you're there to add spice to the round, not removing any source of conflict as soon as possible.
  • Actively antagonize the crew. You're only a minor antagonist, which means you shouldn't be actively seeking to do evil yourself – for active evil-doing, you may want to roll Traitor (or some other antagonist type) instead.

Tips and Notes

  • Security roles (except Forensic Technician) cannot roll Renegade. Neither can CO, XO, CMO, CE, or CSO.
  • Just because you start with a gun doesn't mean it's the only tool you can use. Feel free to use whatever makeshift weaponry you can get your hands on or use less conventional means to get your way – or go old school and just use your fists.
  • Unless you already have training in the Weapons Expertise skill, make sure to spend one of your additional skill picks on it before you fire your gun. Otherwise, you'll probably shoot yourself in the foot right when you're trying to go all cowboy on some crazed murderer.
  • Check your ammunition when you get a chance – many Renegade weapons can spawn with rubber bullets instead of live rounds.
  • Remember: you're not a good guy! Security probably won't be happy to see you waving a gun around. Don't be shocked when they confiscate it.

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