Deck Chief

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Deck Chief
Deck Chief
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisor: Executive Officer
Branches: Expeditionary Corps, Sol Central Government Fleet
- EC:
Chief Explorer (E-7)
- Fleet:
Petty Officer First Class (E-6), Chief Petty Officer (E-7), Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8)
Duties: Approve orders given to Supply. Make sure the rest of the department isn't slacking. Keep track of the shuttles.
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The Deck Chief is tasked with running the Cargo Bay. They are primarily concerned with approving orders given to the Supply department and ensuring that the Deck Technicians do their jobs in making sure that said orders are received, catalogued, and shipped out to their proper destinations.

As part of the Supply department, the Deck Chief answers to the Executive Officer.

As the de facto head of the supply department, a Deck Chief is expected to have an understanding of all its operations. Before playing Deck Chief, it's best to have played a Deck Technician for some time already.


Your office contains the following, as well as other non-essential items

  • Your tool belt, which is important for conducting maintenance on shuttles. If you have competent deck techs to do that for you, you may consider taking the equipment belt instead.
  • Webbing – useful for extra storage space.
  • Your trusty hazard vest – a requirement to work in the hangar.
  • Optical Meson Scanner – while you likely won't need this most of the time, it can come in handy if the power goes out or if you need to get a good inspection of a damaged shuttle.
  • Plate Carrier – useful in an emergency to provide extra armor.
  • Flash – for self-defense.
  • Package Wrapper – for wrapping crates before sending them
  • Deck Chief's Rubber Stamp – Very important – this or a cargo rubber stamp is required to get credits from returning manifests.

Roundstart Duties

Your roundstart duties are mostly the same as the Deck Technician's. Make sure the shuttles are in shape to fly, and make sure to use the Command and Communications Program to get a copy of the sensor readings to take down to the GUP, as well as to the Charon if there's no Pathfinder awake to do it for them.

Once all that's done, you're ready to run supply.

Supply Orders

You should be overseeing supply orders – while it's fine to let your Deck Technicians handle orders, you should be checking up on them yourself now and then too. In addition, Command might ask you to order certain items, such as weapons on Code Red or a replacement Supermatter Core. Sensitive or high-security orders like that should probably be approved by yourself personally. In addition, make sure to keep an eye on the orders, in case any deck techs are ordering things they shouldn't.

Just because you're the Chief, doesn't mean that you're above doing some of the grunt work, though. Make sure to still take part in the regular work of delivering packages and keeping shuttles fueled. If you've played as a Deck Technician, this side of the job should be pretty familiar to you.

Shuttle Management

As Deck Chief, you're responsible for the management of the hangar and its shuttles, including making sure they're kept well-fuelled between missions. Send a Deck Technician down to have a look over them when they get back, or do it yourself if you're short of staff. Your job also includes reading over flight plans. While generally the Bridge handles whether or not a flight plan is necessary, you should make sure to be aware of all filed plans through the Deck Management program. If a shuttle doesn't return by its listed return time, you should be contacting them to check up, and informing Command if something's wrong or they don't respond.

In addition, it's your job to make sure shuttles are shipshape upon their return. There are post-flight reports under the Report Editor program if you feel like being extra-thorough, but generally just giving them a once-over and calling Engineering for repairs should suffice.

Aside from the above, your involvement with Exploration is fairly limited. The Chief Science Officer will be handling most of their reports and missions, meaning that all you have to do is make sure their shuttle is ready to leave. However, you will be directly managing any Prospectors on staff, as well as their use of the GUP. Make sure you know where they want to head, what they'll be doing there, and anything aside from ore and minerals they get back. You also want to make sure the ore gets refined and exported or shipped to departments that need it – mainly R&D or Robotics.

Tips for Antagonising

  • Your ability to approve your own orders and then delete them means that effectively, anything that supply can order is yours.
  • Using a cryptographic sequencer on a computer with the supply management program installed grants access to a number of useful items, such as weapons and illegal drugs.
  • As the Deck Chief, you have full access to the GUP helm. If you have sufficient piloting skill, this can be very useful for a quick escape, or as a way to mess with away teams.
  • You also have a lot of other access – the front room of the Emergency Armory, maintenance and the ship teleporters are all very useful locations for antagonists. Your access to maintenance and teleporters can make it nearly impossible for Security to catch you, if you're clever.

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