Brig Chief

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Brig Chief
Brig Chief
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisor: Chief of Security
Branches: Expeditionary Corps, Sol Central Government Fleet
- EC:
Chief Explorer (E-7)
- Fleet:
Petty Officer First Class (E-6), Chief Petty Officer (E-7), Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8)
Duties: Maintain order in the brig. Process prisoners. Hand out weapons during emergency.
Related Guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Alert Procedure, Sol Central Government Law, Sol Code of Uniform Justice, Guide to Combat

The Brig Chief is responsible for the processing, handling, care, and security of the prisoners apprehended by the ship's Masters at Arms. The Brig Chief answers to the Chief of Security.

The Role

While the Master at Arms are tasked with crawling through Maintenance and chasing down perps through the cramped hallways of the Torch, the Brig Chief, in an ideal universe, never has to leave the Brig itself. As the name implies, they are responsible for taking care of the various cells and holding areas available to the Security department, as well as making sure that all personnel brought in on charges are treated properly and punished appropriately. This includes updating their records to reflect the charges against them and the punishments administered in addition to actually dragging them into the cells and shutting the door. The Brig Chief can be considered an overwatch role, maintaining presence within the brig while managing security patrol assignments and orders, co-ordinating the Masters at Arms to ensure the ship is fully secure.

There is likely to be little in the way of chasing suspects in a Brig Chief's work, but that does not make it easy, or less dangerous. As the Brig Chief is responsible for searching prisoners, removing all non-permitted items from their person, and stopping any escape attempts, they can easily become embroiled in a fist-fight, or worse, with a particularly belligerent criminal. Having at least one Master at Arms to act as backup is highly recommended if the prisoner in question seems non-cooperative.

The Brig Chief's job primarily consists of overseeing security patrols and, assuming cooperation on the part of the prisoners, transporting them to their cells, removing any non-permitted items (and locking them in the appropriate locker for the duration of their stay), and setting the cell timer for the length of time mandated by their crime, as determined by Sol Central Government Law. Once this time has passed, the prisoner is then released, and their equipment returned to them. If the prisoner is there permanently, however – say, charged with attempted murder of the Commanding Officer – they should have all of their equipment confiscated and be changed into full prison garb, including headset. In either case, the Brig Chief should make sure to update all relevant records regarding the prisoner's status.

To aid in the Brig Chief's attempts to control particularly unruly prisoners, the Brig is outfitted with multiple mounted flash units which can be activated via various consoles or buttons, both in the Brig Chief's office and by the doors to each cell. They also have the ability to lock down the Brig entirely in case of an attempted prison break.

Due to the largely sedentary nature of their job, and the multiple consoles available in their office, many Brig Chiefs assist the rest of the department in tracking down various criminals through the security cameras stationed throughout the ship.

The Brig Chief is also responsible for maintaining the Security armory, ensuring that nothing goes missing, and – in the case of emergency – handing out this equipment to the rest of the department for use, and seeing to its safe return after things have calmed down.

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