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Difficulty: Hard
Supervisor: Nar'Sie
Branches: Any
Ranks: N/A
Duties: Defile the ship. Do blood magic. Punch a hole in reality and summon Nar'Sie.
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So You’re A Cultist. This section of the guide will run through the mechanics of your newfound journey to the Cthuludom.

You can talk to your fellow believes using the Communicate verb, and you can identify other cultists visually with a spooky little ghost icon by their sprites. Be warned: using communicate is visible to anyone around you!

First Steps

The Cult tab on the top right of your screen shows your available spells. Clicking a spell will cause you to draw a rune on the floor in blood; click your new rune to cast the spell. You will unlock more spells by defiling the ship. All spells cost blood, and casting too many back to back will slowly kill your brain from sheer hypovolemic shock. Eat food to slowly restore lost blood if you don’t have any friends in Medical.

Casting with a tome, wearing full cultist gear, on top of defiled tiles, and when more of the ship is defiled will all reduce the blood cost.

New Converts: you can get your first tome by using the Summon Tome verb and clicking the resulting rune.

All Your Rules and Spells

You start the game with a selection of 11 spells and runes, and you gain more as the ship is further defiled, in four stages.

It's important to add that spectating players (ghosts) will be able to do multiple actions such as making noises of glass breaking and making the lights flicker. More powerful actions for ghosts, such as whispering to cult members will also be unlocked as the veil grows thinner and thinner.

Tier 1

Tier 1 spells and runes are the standard ones you receive at round start, and despite that, they are among the most powerful and useful.

  • Communicate: Communicate works like a glorified radio. You are able to anonymously communicate with your fellow cultists no matter where they are, and even at different Z-Levels. People close to you WILL be able to hear you speaking in cult and WILL see you cutting your finger and drawing the rune.
  • Imbue (EMP): This rune is somewhat powerful and I'm amazed it's never used. As the name implies, it causes an EMP. In order to use it, you need to place a sheet of paper ontop of the drawn rune and activate it. Afterwards, you need to attack someone with the now-imbued piece of paper, and It'll trigger an extremely short-range EMP blast which WILL hit you as well- this will hit any electronics you have, including turned on tablets/PDAs and huds, and any prosthetics. Don’t kill your IPC friend.
  • Imbue (STUN): This rune is probably the most powerful runes you have. It works in the same way as the Imbue (EMP) rune does, but instead of EMPing people, it applies a somewhat lengthy stun (Roughly 10 seconds?) to your target, which should be enough time to handcuff, tie or kill them. Keep some of those ready for use in your pockets.
  • Rune - Astral Journey: This is a quite powerful rune for gathering information. It allows you to enter a ghost-like status and roam the ship as if you were a ghost. It is important to note that you take constant burn damage while using this rune (Similarly to teleport) and you must be careful not to enter a paincrit state. It is, however, very useful on short-bursts to gain intel regarding the ship's status. (Or just to mess around in D-Chat.) The burn damage is substantial without access to mitigating or healing medicine- be warned!
  • Rune - Convert: Pretty self-explanatory. This rune is your bread-and-butter in converting new acolytes. Keep in mind you can't force-convert using this and the victim has to accept the conversion. The victim will take constant albeit small burn damage for each second they're ontop of the rune and being converted. Until you unlock Tier 2 runes and Offering, I suggest only using this on people who wish to join the cult. You can later try to force people to join it, and in case that doesn't works out, you can sacrifice them for a free soul stone shard. There is no way to force convert. If someone is belligerent, their corpse can serve you instead.
  • Rune - Defile: This is your bread-and-butter rune and the one you'll be using the most. It allows you to defile tiles in a 3x3 radius, including walls. The usage of this rune is paramount to gain access to new spells, and you should almost always be focusing on defiling areas of the ship. They also reduce the blood cost of new runes and allow you to draw them faster.
  • Rune - Obscure: This is a very niche but useful rune. It will hide any runes that are adjacent to it, making them invisible until you use the Reveal rune. Hide your teleport runes in plain sight!
  • Rune - Reveal: The opposite of the Obscure rune. It will reveal any runes adjacent to it.
  • Rune - Summon Tome: If you ever happen to lose your tome (or were only just recruited), you need to use this rune and you'll gain another one from thin air. Very useful if you happen to lose yours.
  • Rune - Teleport: Your second most useful rune after Defile. It allows you to gain access to any other teleport runes, even through Z-levels. You usually want to place MANY of those all around the ship to give you an advantage over security and bypass your teammates’ access restrictions.
  • Rune - Wall: Summons a "Red Mist" which blocks all projectiles, energy and laser beams, and movement. It's also quite fragile. Cultists can click on the mist and disable it, and click on the rune again in order to bring it back up and to repair it. Keep in mind you lose blood every time you re-activate it.

Tier Two

  • Rune - Blood Drain: This rune allows you to suck blood from humanoids (including monkeys!) when placed on it. Doesn’t hurt much but can restore you in a pinch.
  • Rune - EMP: Does exactly what it says. It creates a medium-range EMP explosion once it's activated. Make sure not to be wearing any electronics when you use it, unless you don't mind them getting toast. Don’t forget: this includes your huds!
  • Rune - Mass Defile: Good rune when you're in group. It works exactly like defile, but with two twists: It defiles a bigger area (7x7 if I recon correctly) and it requires 3 cultists to pull it off. Keep in mind you need to keep defiling terrain until you get to Tier 4, which will allow you to summon Nar'Sie.
  • Rune - Offering: Offering gives you a way to deal with people who don't want to become acolytes and refuse to be converted. It requires 3 cultists to pull off and the victim needs to be in the middle. Naturally, you'll want to have them cuffed so they don't leave the top of the rune. Once you activate it, the victim will begin to burn. Once the victim dies, they will leave behind a filled Soul Stone Shard, which are used to build constructs once you reach Tier 3. You can also harm the victim with weapons in order to make this faster. It will work as long as they are ontop of the rune when they die and as long as the two other cultists are still with you. NOTE: CONSTRUCTS ARE CURRENTLY BUGGED AND CANNOT BE SUMMONED.
This means your soul shard is, unfortunately, useless mechanically- it SHOULD put a request into deadchat for someone to possess it, but it doesn’t. Put in a prayer or ahelp for some lovely admin magic, and link them to this guide if they ???? are you.
  • Rune - Summon Robes: This rune automatically changes your clothing articles to rune robes. It does not destroy your previous garments, but it automatically moves your gear from your normal clothes to your robes. Robes have many benefits: They allow you to draw runes faster and for less blood, just like defiled tiles. They also stack. It's important to note that this rune is a bit broken: In order to gain all the four articles of clothing ( Shoes, Backpack, Helmet, Vest) you need to have clothes equipped there beforehand, or else the cult attire won't spawn. Make sure to be wearing some kind of hat and a hazard vest or a jacket before using this spell, else you won't get the full attire and you will not be at your full potential.

Tier Three

After defiling roughly the same amount of tiles again, you will unlock Tier 3.

  • Rune - Blood Boil: Quickly deal a lot of burn damage to the person on top of it. It also requires three cultists.
  • Rune - Confuse: A pretty powerful defensive rune. It works just like a flashbang does, stunning and applying the confusion effect in a radius around it. It doesn't affects cultists, which makes it extremely powerful against groups.
  • Rune - Revive: Possibly bugged. If working, requires three cultists and a miracle.
  • Rune - Summon Shell: Allows you to build construct shells, and fill them with an active soul-shard. I'll get into more detail regarding constructs later on. Keep in mind you'll need ten sheets of steel to build a construct. NOTE: CONSTRUCTS ARE CURRENTLY BUGGED AND CANNOT BE SUMMONED.
This means you can’t fill your shell with the filled soul shard you tried to get earlier. Put in a prayer or ahelp for some lovely admin magic, and link them to this guide if they ???? are you.
  • Rune - Summon Weapon: You'll need a full robe set in order to use this rune. It spawns the infamous cult sword. Dealing a whopping 30 brute damage per hit, it's extremely powerful and can easily kill hostiles.

Tier Four

You get one new rune, and you’ll like it.

  • Rune - Tear Reality: This rune will allow you to bring Nar'Sie into this dimension. You will need Five cultists to activate it, and a few more to defend it. This runes takes a total of FIVE MINUTES to activate, during which all cultists summoning it must remain still and close to it. You will need to have a very well defended base and a few extra cultists or constructs to help you defend it. When used, this rune causes a big announcement of your location and the impending threat to the universe. Good luck.


Are broken. When they are not broken this will be updated. For now, know that if you see a LARGE LUMBERING MONSTROSITY OF DARKNESS AND DEATH it is on your side and probably the result of adminbu’Sie

So What Do

The classic cult path is to defile the ship, tear reality, fight off security, summon the dark god, and hail the new era. It’s a classic, it works. You are required to do exactly none of this.

Bay is first and foremost a roleplay server. You are welcome to create lore and story to fit your scary cult as you see fit. You can recruit people with loud sermons. You can say you’re going crazy from the voices of dead explorers. Hold a seance in O-mess! Convince the crew the CMO is a demon in disguise! Have fun and create fun for others, first and foremost. Everything else comes second.  
And if you’re a new convert who’s feeling bitter about being thrust into Antagonist: lighten up. You don’t need to go grab a gun and start blasting, though you can. Have some fun with it. Go tell your friends about this awesome new dimension you see and the cookies it offers. The world is your very spooky oyster.

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