Executive Officer

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Executive Officer
Executive Officer
Difficulty: Hard
Supervisor: Commanding Officer
Branches: Expeditionary Corps, Sol Central Government Fleet
- EC:
Commander (O-5)
- Fleet:
Lieutenant Commander (O-4), Commander(O-5)
Duties: Be the CO's right hand. Make sure the ship runs smoothly. Ensure the CO's orders are carried out. Manage anyone without a department head. Ensure that all personnel comply with all appropriate regulations.
Related Guides: Standard Operating Procedure, Alert Procedure, Sol Central Government Law, Sol Code of Uniform Justice, Uniform Guide

The Executive Officer, also known as the XO, is responsible for making sure that all station departments aboard the SEV Torch are well-staffed and running optimally. As such, they are entrusted with the ability to modify crew assignments and access levels via an ID modifier console, something that only the Commanding Officer can do otherwise. They are also responsible for managing the Supply and Service departments, as well as managing any personnel without an active Head of Staff.

The Executive Officer answers directly to the Commanding Officer, and is considered second-in-command both in terms of position and (usually) military rank.

The Role

Being the second in command aboard the ship, be prepared to be responsible for executing the Commanding Officer's (CO's) orders. This usually means paperwork, logistics, and groundwork.

The Executive Officer's primary concern is with managing personnel across the ship. This primarily consists of ensuring that any department with a staffing or access issue has it corrected promptly; if a promotion, demotion, or access change is required, the Executive Officer is expected to call up the affected personnel, update their IDs appropriately, and update any and all relevant employee records.

Beyond this, the Executive Officer is officially in charge of the Service and Supply departments. Under normal circumstances, both of these are fairly self-managing, and little active intervention is required: the Deck Chief is expected to handle day-to-day operations of the Supply department, the Chief Steward is expected to handle day-to-day operations of the Service department. Still, if there is a problem in either, it is the Executive Officer's job to sort it out.

The XO also has the responsibility of managing any personnel without a department head, whether said department head simply isn't available (Engineering lacking a Chief Engineer, for example,) or the personnel in question simply don't have a superior (Passengers). Depending on the situation, this may be as simple as making sure that the Passengers know to stay out of trouble or as complex as managing an entire department in order to ensure that the ship continues to run smoothly.

In the event of the Commanding Officer not being present, being unfit for duty, dying, or being otherwise unavailable, the Executive Officer is next in line in the chain of command. They take command of the Torch until such time as a Commanding Officer is available.

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