SolGov Representative

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SolGov Representative
SolGov Representative
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisor: The Sol Central Government and the SCG Charter
Branches: Government
- Government:
SolGov Representative
Duties: Represent the SCG's interests on board the Torch. Keep the CO mission focused. Advise the CO and prisoners on Civil Law. Report back to the SCG.
Related Guides: Sol Central Government Law, Standard Operating Procedure, Sol Code of Uniform Justice, Alert Procedure

The SolGov Representative (or SCGR) is a unique Civilian role on board the SEV Torch who represents the interests of the Sol Central Government on board the vessel.

The Role

Primarily, the SCGR is responsible for advising the Commanding Officer with the aim of keeping the SEV Torch's mission focused on opportunities for diplomacy, exploration, and potential colonization efforts. In the event of contact with a foreign power or race, they are able to act as a limited diplomat on behalf of the Sol Central Government if required by the Commanding Officer.

Secondly, the SCGR is responsible for providing legal counsel (but not defense) on request to detainees – although only on matters of Civil Law, and not Military Law. In the absence of Line Officers (the Executive Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, or Chief of Security), the SCGR is also responsible for presenting charges against a Commanding Officer who has broken Civil Law.

The SCGR answers directly to the Sol Central Government and not to any authority aboard, although they are required to follow regulations as they pertain to the crew, Standard Procedure, and the law. A smart SCGR will pay attention to reasonable instructions from the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer in the interests of maintaining the mutual respect and trust upon which any influence they may exert relies.

Finally, the SCGR is responsible for acting as a watchdog for the Committee for Diplomatic Relations by submitting reports on the mission's progress and its Commanding Officer and crew's actions. Since particularly unfavorable or emergency reports with strong evidence could result in the Commanding Officer's subordinates being ordered by the SCG to relieve them of command (the only way the Commanding Officer can be legally removed from their position), the SCGR wields considerable hidden power so long as they have a knack for diligent penmanship.

Tips on Playing

The role of SCGR is largely defined by the player and allows for a more player-driven set of goals for the ship and crew. With no mechanical requirements, the role mainly consists of coming up with whatever government directives, within reason, the player thinks would be interesting to role-play, and bringing these to the attention of Exploration and Command. They have their own office on the port side of the Bridge Deck, opposite the Chief of Security's office, containing their equipment such as their stamp and a fax machine for their personal use.

The SolGov Representative has no official authority on board the SEV Torch unless granted it in orders from the SCG via fax or command update. They have access to the bridge and most department front doors, and they may give advice and suggestions to the Commanding Officer. They may not issue any orders or force any personnel to obey them and they cannot be given orders by anyone - but ignoring the instructions of the Commanding Officer is unwise, and they are subject to emergency orders by the crew on alerts, just like any other civilian.

In the event of serious violations of regulation or civil law, the SCGR can contact the SCG (in reality, any active administrators) via fax machine with a report containing all relevant information and documentation, including recorded and signed statements and photographs. The SCGR is responsible for remaining unbiased in the course of making these reports – a corrupt SCGR has many opportunities to alter accounts to their own ends. Responses may not be immediate and if a report is incomplete, unclear, or attempts to ask for specific information about the validity of documents or claims made by a person, its response is unlikely to provide clear instructions on how to proceed or any of the requested information.

The SCGR is responsible for providing legal counsel to detained persons on matters of Civil Law, should they request it – that is, explaining to someone why they have been detained and what recourse they have. They are not a public defender or lawyer of any kind, however, and have no right to directly release a detainee. If the SCGR believes that someone has been incarcerated improperly, they must bring up the situation with the Commanding Officer, or with the SCG directly if the Commanding Officer is unsympathetic.

An SCGR may only be legally removed or appointed to their position by the SCG via fax or command update, as they are a civil official and not a uniformed role. However, they may be held and handled like any other member of the civilian crew for crimes that they commit under Civil Law.

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