Chief Steward

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Chief Steward
Chief Steward
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisor: Executive Officer
Branches: Expeditionary Corps, Sol Central Government Fleet
- EC:
Chief Explorer (E-7)
- Fleet:
Petty Officer First Class (E-6), Chief Petty Officer (E-7)
Duties: Manage the enlisted in the Service department. Make sure the ship stays clean, fed, and entertained.
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The Chief Steward is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Service department. This includes making sure the Stewards are meeting the crew's dining needs, the Sanitation Technicians are keeping the ship clean and tidy, and the Crewmen are handling any miscellaneous tasks that might be needed of them. The Chief Steward is also responsible for hosting and arranging any events they see fit to entertain the ship.

As the de facto head of the Service department, the Chief Steward department answers directly to the Executive Officer.

Note that Chaplains, though part of the Service department, do not report to the Chief Steward and instead also report directly to the Executive Officer.

Getting Started

If you’re going to play Chief Steward, it is recommended you have experience with the duties of your underlings first. Have a solid grasp on both cleaning techniques and the mechanics of the kitchen, and try to play a few rounds as Steward or Janitor before taking on the role.


Your office does not spawn with any additional equipment, but aside from your uniform, a clipboard, pen, and tablet computer are often all you need. Should you need to take on additional kitchen or janitorial duties, you will have access to all the relevant departmental closets.

Round Start Duties

Your duties at the beginning of the round is primarily to check in with your subordinates to make sure they have what they need to do their jobs. If there are no Stewards awake, you may wish to open the Bar or Kitchen.

After that, check in with Command to see if they have any events planned for the day. Take the coffee orders of the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer, and if all else is good, arrange a meal for the shift – breakfast, lunch, or dinner depending on the round time.

Kitchen Duties

As Chief Steward, you are responsible for everything cooked in the kitchen. While you may have Stewards awake to do the actual cooking for you, you arrange meals and tell them what, when, and how to cook. If you do not have a Steward to do your bidding, you will be expected to cook in their absence.

The Kitchen is the highlight of your role as a Chief Steward, and if you want to keep your job, you’ll make it shine. Arrange cutlery and glasses, keep the tables, floors, and countertops clean, and above all – make sure the people eating at the Mess are satisfied with their service.

Janitorial Duties

As a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, you are not often expected to get on your hands and knees to scrub the vessel, although special circumstances or orders from Command may change this. Instead, your relation to ship sanitation is more supervisory: the Janitors will do the cleaning, but you’ll be expected to guide them through larger messes and coordinate special circumstances like biohazard response or chemical cleanup.

Leadership Position

You oversee a large department with up to seven direct subordinates – as such, you will have to be prepared to be an adequate leader. Being able to assign tasks and give crew direction is what makes your position both necessary and fun! Unlike the fry cooks and swabbies you oversee, your superior officers saw leadership qualities in you. Keep in mind, you are not only a chef, or a janitor, or even a manager, but a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer of the Expeditionary Corps or the Sol Central Government Fleet. You should have a firm grasp on the Sol Code of Uniform Justice.

Tips for Antagonism

  • You have bridge access, meaning you can utilize the ship announcement system, change alert levels, and enter the bridge at your discretion.
  • You have access to pretty much all the food people will eat in a given shift, and you can use this to hurt them or hinder them in a myriad of ways.
  • You have a lot of subordinates, and if you play your cards right, they may be more or less willing to assist you in mildly nefarious acts, or come to your aid should you come under fire.
  • You won’t be suspicious if seen mixing or carrying large quantities of chemicals – after all, they may just be specialty cocktails or cleaning supplies.

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