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General controls

This is a list of general controls within Baystation 12.

Interface Keys In-Game Keys
Tab ↹ Hotkey Toggle ↑ OR w Move north
F1 Adminhelp ↓ OR s Move south
F2 Talk in OOC → OR d Move east
⇧ Shift+F2 Screenshot ← OR d Move west
F3 Say Ctrl+↑ Face north
F4 Me Ctrl+↓ Face south
F5 aSay (Admin only) Ctrl+→ Face east
F6 Player panel view (Admin only) Ctrl+← Face west
F7 Admin-PM (Admin only) Numpad 1 Target right leg
F8 Invismin (Admin only) Numpad 2 Target groin
F12 Hide inventory Numpad 3 Target left leg
Ctrl+⇧ Shift Show options Numpad 4 Target right arm
⇧ Shift+Left click Examine object Numpad 5 Target chest
Alt+Left click Check object Numpad 6 Target left arm
Ctrl+Left click Drag object Numpad 8 Target head
Middle click Switches active hand. J Toggle gun mode
Ctrl+alt+Left click Interacts with objects. H Holster
Key Shortcuts 1 Help intent
⇧ Shift+Left click Examine object 2 Disarm intent
Alt+Left click Check object 3 Grab intent
Ctrl+Left click Drag object 4 Harm intent
Middle click Switches active hand Ctrl+Left click Drag object / mob
Ctrl+alt+Left click Interacts with objects ⇧ Shift+Left click Examine object / mob

Communication commands


To speak a language, prefix the "say" command in the chat box with ',' or '#' (by default, you can change this in global settings.) Then after that prefix, add a language key, and then your message. For example, if you wanted to say "Hello World!" in Spacer, you'd say ",v Hello World!" or "#v Hello World!"

Prefix Description Prefix Description
0 (Default) c Alium
1 Zurich Accord Common g Changeling
2 Yangyu x Vox-Pidgin
3 New Dehlavi z Cortical Borer Hivemind
4 Prototype Standard Arabic f Cult
5 Iberian y Cult Hivemind
6 Encoded Audio Language p Protocol (Adherent)
7 Selenian q Dionaea
s Sign w Dionaea (Global)
r Pan-Slavic o Sinta'unathi (Unathi)
j Spacer h Yeosa'unathi (Unathi)
t Gutter k Skrellian
n Serpentid
d Drone
b Binary (Cyborg & AI)


To speak on a radio channel, type in the corresponding radio prefix, then your message. For example, to say "Help I'm being attacked!" on common, you'd type in ";Help I'm being attacked!" Likewise, if you wanted to say "Security to maint!" on the security channel, you would say ":s Security to maint!"

You can also use voiced emotes or languages over the radio by placing the correct prefix or language key before the radio prefix. So ",1:c Hello World!" would say "Hello World!" over the Command channel, in the Sol Common language. Likewise, "!; screams!" would show "Urist McYourname screams!" over the common channel.

Prefix Description
; General Radio
:c Command
:s Security
:u Supply
:e Engineering
:m Medical
:n Research
:v Service
:y Exploration
:h Headset's Default Department
:z Entertainment
:l or :r Shortwave in Left or Right hand
:i Intercom
:j Hailing
:p AI Private
:+ Binary (Headset)
:t Traitor/Mercenary
:x Raider
:o Response Team

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