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Tau Ceti with Ceti Epsilon in orbit. Artist rendition by Pablo Carlos Budassi. Image Credit.

Ceti Epsilon is the technical hub of the SCG, as well as the most distant human colony settled before the invention of bluespace gateways. Cetites are no stranger to the cutting edge of technology present in Sol space. Putting education and the latest tech at the forefront of their priorities the people of Ceti are some of the brightest or tech savvy around. This has afforded those from the system or planet a reputation as being a cut above the rest in technical matters, with those who attended the Ceti Institute of Technology being considered some of the best qualified technical specialists in humanity. Recently there has been a rising transhumanist element in Ceti society resulting in a large cybernetics culture; it is not uncommon to see many Cetites sporting some chrome.

Ceti Epsilon, the only habitable planet in the Tau Ceti system, is home to its largest population centre. The planet itself is effectively covered in one large city with a few 'green' areas dispersed throughout. The most urban location in the wider SCG, the planet attracts many to its glittering neon lights and easy to get lost in streets. More importantly, Ceti Epsilon is home to the Ceti Institute of Technology, the premier learning location in Sol and, arguably, all of humanity. The Ceti Institute of Technology is a public university and, for the most part, offers free tuition to all. However, places are competitive and preference is given to natives to the Tau Ceti system. The universe attracts as many newcomers as the rest of the cityscape combined. Today Ceti Epsilon is a major technology and population hub, being a destination for those seeking a better life, or to simply get lost.

The people of Ceti Epsilon are some of the most, well, average in the SCG. Being from a largely built up world with a focus on the cutting edge, most Episoloners are tech-savvy, at the very least and are usually well educated, with a focus on the sciences. The people of Ceti Episilon have developed a reputation for being some of the best and brightest that Sol has to offer.

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