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A variety of differing prefixes are used in vessel designations across the galaxy. Most ships in SCG Space are registered by the SCG Bureau of Ships.

Sol Central Government

  • SCGDV - Sol Central Government Diplomatic Vessel (Vessels affiliated with SCG diplomats and ambassadors)
  • SRV - Sol Research Vessel (Research-oriented vessels affiliated with the SCG)

Sol Defense Forces/Fleet

  • SDFV - Sol Defence Forces Vessel (Vessels affiliated with SCG Defence Forces that are not directly part of the Fleet)
  • SFV - Sol Fleet Vessel (Vessels affiliated with the SCG Fleet)

Expeditionary Corps

  • SEV - Sol Expeditionary Vessel (Vessels affiliated with the SCG Expeditionary Corps)
  • TEV - Terran Expeditionary Vessel (No longer in use. Vessels affiliated with the old Terran Commonwealth Expeditionary Corps)

Other Factions

  • FTV - Free Trade Vessel (Vessels affiliated with the Free Trade Union and its citizens, registered through the SCG Bureau of Ships)
  • IPV - Independent Private/Passenger Vessel (Privately owned craft not affiliated with any specific organization)
  • ITV - Independent Trader Vessel (Privately owned merchant vessels not affiliated with any specific organization)
  • GCNV - Gilgamesh Confederate Naval Vessel (Vessels affiliated with the ICCG Navy)
  • SSV - Skrellian Scout Vessel (Skrellian government scouting vessels)
  • UFS - United Flotilla Ship (Vessels affiliated with the Alliance United Flotillas, the space fleet of the Frontier Alliance)

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