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Deimos Advanced Information Systems (DAIS) is a large corporation specializing in information technology such as computer hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, and networking equipment. It is the number one supplier of computer technology in the Sol Central Government, its systems used by most consumers and businesses within the SCG.



Deimos Advanced Information Systems was founded by William Sharp in 2184 to compete with the other large IT-centric companies of the time, which were, in his view, stagnating technological advancement in computing technologies in favor of profits. The company struggled, its higher-quality computers coming at a higher price point than the competition. Their quality did help some, however – within 10 years the company had become the number five IT systems company in Sol, after the major four companies that had dominated for so long.

Olympus Institute of Technology

The company’s big break came when the Olympus Institute of Technology (the leading technology university in the Terran Commonwealth at the time) chose them over the other companies to provide all their computing hardware for a 10 year period, citing superior benchmarks and a markedly lower rate of failure. OIT gambled that their cost-over-time would be lower utilizing DAIS systems. This contract – the largest one for the company to date–brought the company firmly into a profitable state, and investors flocked to it. This led to the golden age of DAIS, with the company rapidly expanding with more and more contracts, renewals, and eventually a government contract with the Terran Commonwealth.

Over time, DAIS began merging with smaller companies and increasing their product lines, eventually merging with two of the original big four competitors.

Sol Central Government

By 2237 they were not only the number one technology company, they were the go-to company for all hardware and software for the now-Sol Central Government. DAIS is also one of the few companies in the Solar Assembly, as a member of the SCG founding body.

Modern day

By the 2300s, DAIS has maintained its standing as the number one IT company in the SCG, but, while nearing the status on a few occasions, DAIS has never been considered a mega-corporation. Currently DAIS focuses on developing software applications for all industries, operating systems, and computer hardware including telecommunications, networking, consumer and industrial computer goods, and handheld devices. They have also begun investing in artificial intelligence research and IPCs, though this division (especially the IPC section) is one of the smaller ones in the company. Recently the company has been fighting the encroachment of NanoTrasen's NTNet and associated products, as their cheaper consumer-grade computers and generally cut-throat practices has carved out a chunk of business that DAIS has historically dominated. While not enough to unseat DAIS as the top information technology company, if they fail to find ways to stem this, they may eventually lose their market dominance.

SEV Torch

DAIS Became a major investor in the Helios Project early on, pledging to provide the computer systems hardware to the SEV Torch. DAIS is also on the board of directors for the Expeditionary Corps Organisation. It is speculated that their interest is in xeno-technology, bluespace computing technologies, and artificial intelligence, but the company has not publicly stated its intentions more than the statement “Deimos Advanced Information Systems has supported the Sol Central Government and the Expeditionary Corps for over a century and will continue to do so. Deimos Advanced Information Systems has long been at the forefront of information technology and believes that the Torch project provides an opportunity to continue making advances in that sector.”


Product Descirption
DNOS: Network Operating System The number one network OS in SolGov, this is used by most companies out there due to its flexibility, security, and extensibility.
DACOS: Computer Operating System Deimos Advanced Computer Operating System is a fully functional operating system that runs a variety of applications. It is the leading industrial and consumer operating system in SolGov.
DATOS: Terminal Operating System Deimos Advanced Terminal Operating System is a lightweight operating system designed for specialized computers or terminals running off a remote server or with a pre-compiled application. DATOS terminals typically lack hard drives entirely and run a specific application. This is the most popular industrial and consumer goods operating system in SolGov and is used for all types of equipment.
DCOMMS: Telecommunications Equipment Deimos Communications is the telecommunications division and manufactures servers, processors, bus units, hubs, relays, and more.
DNET: Networking Equipment Deimos Networking equipment is highly configurable and considered quite secure (if configured correctly). Unfortunately for most people (and fortunately for many hackers) DNET is often not configured correctly, leaving security holes. DAIS maintains its position that their equipment works as configured and that any issues regarding security are due to IT staff not having sufficient training in DNET to mitigate security issues. DAIS also points to the fact that they (allegedly) have never had a network breach at any of their corporate sites.

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