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Eos, in the Helios system, is itself a small, hot, dense world. The world itself is of only marginal importance, though it supports a densely packed city, Surya, which has become known for its banking services. Of more import is the system itself, Helios, and what orbits Eos: The Helios Gateway Installation. The HGI is the largest gateway installation in SCG space and provides vital links to many other SCG systems. Practically a city in space unto itself, the HGI is home to a hodgepodge of private individuals, Fleet and law enforcement outposts, government services and a wide array of private enterprises all catering to the many hangabouts, travellers, merchants and soldiers who pass through it daily. This fact alone is what has allowed the Helios system and Eos as a whole to weather multiple economic recessions and has allowed Eos to establish itself as a premier commercial centre of the wider SCG.

This process was hindered during the Gaia Conflict, when the Helios Gateway was destroyed in a suicide action of the Fourth Fleet to stop the GCC advance. It has recovered rapidly since the occupation, though the memories of that event carry in the collective consciousness of those who remained through it.

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