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Humanity has spread out into the stars in staggering numbers from its home of Earth in the Sol System, and in all shapes in sizes – from personal vessels, pirate ships, and trans-stellar corporations to colonizing, governments, and religious spread. They've quickly become one of the more powerful civilizations, nearing the strengths of the Skrell. This has come though, at quite the cost. Over the course of human history, especially of that beginning in the 21st Century, humanity has had to tackle many different problems to get to where it is today.


21st Century

  • 2052: Man lands on Mars, with Jimmy Gideon taking the first steps onto the red planet.
  • 2054: The first moonbase is constructed, a joint effort between the EU and the U.S.
  • 2057: The success of the moonbase, along with advances in space technology, prompt the establishment of a research facility on Mars.
  • 2061: Commercial fusion power becomes a reality and is rapidly adopted across Earth.
  • 2066: The first permanent living facility is established on the Moon, a privately run corporate venture.
  • 2069: A number of corporate research facilities and outposts are established on Mars. Jimmy Gideon proclaims himself "the first martian" and permanently moves to the red planet.
  • 2075: Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals is founded in Shanghai.
  • 2077: Prosthetic limb replacements have become a routine and accepted part of society for many, with prosthetic limbs being at least the equal of organic ones.
  • 2079: The first commercially available solution for vat-borne humans is provided by Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals.
  • 2083: Rheinmetall, Thyssen-Krupp, Walther and Heckler and Koch merge to form Hephaestus Industries.
  • 2095: The first government backed and funded colony is established on Mars. it is dubbed a UN venture and a new agency is created to oversee off-planet affairs.
  • 2099: Terraforming work begins on Mars, with efforts to restore a habitable atmosphere to the red planet beginning in earnest.

22nd Century

  • 2105: Humanity has spread out across the Sol System, forming transient colonies, stations and research bases all over.
  • 2110: Jimmy Gideon passes away, leaving a large family that will eventually become the Gideons of Mars.
  • 2119: Jimmy Gideon Junior becomes the first Governor of Mars.
  • 2112: The first line of genetically modified humans is established with purpose designed lines to adapt humanity to other environments. This marks the beginning of space- and grav-adapted humans, as well as Tritonians.
  • 2120: The Martian colonies flourish in their agri-domes, with mass expansion underground allowing for greater living space and logistical development.
  • 2126: Reliable cryogenic systems are developed, an important step toward long distance space travel. The UN collapses as regional power bloc's and the influence of off-planet colonies begin to diminish its importance.
  • 2128: One of the first sleeper ships is launched, eventually colonising the planet of Amaranth Major in the Gilgamesh system. Contact is lost for many years.
  • 2130: The Terran Commonwealth is formed, transforming Earth into a single united government over the next decade and slowly asserting control over humanity among the stars.
  • 2145: Bluespace is discovered accidentally when an Expeditionary Corps vessel performing a system survey in Tau Ceti discovers a natural bluespace 'tear' after unintentionally entering it only to emerge in the Kruger system, having lost only a day in real time. The crew spends the next six months in the system before locating another tear, allowing them to travel to the edge of the Sol System in the space of two real days. The scientific community is astounded and invigorated by these discoveries as new lines of research are established practically overnight.
  • 2147: The Expeditionary Corps finds itself flush with funding and tasked with an additional mission: The chartering and navigation of bluespace rifts to be used for mass transit and travel. Missions are dangerous and sometimes lethal, with many pilots unable to keep their craft together while journeying through the tears. Humanity becomes reliant on these skilled pilots to collect navigation data for safe rift travel.
  • 2167: The various outposts, small facilities and other moon based assets come together to create two permanent city-size dome establishments on the moon. The new cities quickly proclaim themselves separate colonies and begin a long period of completion. The moon comes to be regularly referred to as Luna.
  • 2171: The first Gateway is constructed in the Sol system, connecting it with Tau Ceti. The link revolutionises space travel, and dozens more are constructed over the the next few decades in order to permanently connect humanity across the stars.
  • 2180: The Gilgamesh system is recontacted and integrated into the Terran Commonwealth.
  • 2195: The Ares Confederation of Mars and a number of other colonies is formed, directly opposing the Terran Commonwealth as a sovereign human state. A cold war begins between the two. The confederation is a culmination of resentment against an "Earth-first" economic policy by the Commonwealth.

23rd Century

  • 2202: War breaks out between the Terran Commonwealth and the Ares Confederation. Decades of war follow, ravaging the Sol system and its fledgling outer colonies. Much of this war is fought on the outer edges of the Sol system and on various out of system colonies, with little to no planetary combat happening in the Sol system proper.
  • 2213: NanoTrasen is formed on Mars as a gene-therapy research corporation.
  • 2228: The Gilgamesh League is founded, a precursor to the GCC.
  • 2229: The war between the Terran Commonwealth and the Ares Confederation begins to wane as political and economic upheaval on both sides sees a change in attitudes among the governing bodies of both.
  • 2230: The war ends, with the Terran Commonwealth, having recognised the need to change to meet the realities of the new political climate, reorganising into the Sol Central Government. The new executive and judicial capital of human government moves to Olympus, Mars.
  • 2231: The Independent Colonial Confederation of Gilgamesh declares its independence from the fledgling Sol Central Government, beginning the current tense period of brinkmanship and competition between the two human powers.
  • 2233: First contact is made with the Skrell, and by association sometime after, the Dionaea.
  • 2260: First contact is made with the Unathi.
  • 2261: The Expeditionary Corps launches the first Moghes expedition. A great many artifacts are appropriated from the planet, spurring interest in exploration for more than mineral gain.
  • 2265: Vox are first acknowledged by humanity, though they are not formally identified for another decade. This simply marks the first time an attack on a frontier colony was attributed to the Vox.
  • 2284: The first human vessel outfitted with a bluespace drive makes a successful jump. In spite of their limited success, the devices are still considerably difficult to manufacture and incredibly inefficient, preventing their mass adoption. Gateways continue to be the norm for distant travel.
  • 2288: The first short range bluespace teleporters are made commercially available.
  • 2291: The Gaia Conflict begins.
  • 2296: The Gaia Conflict ends.

24th Century

  • 2301: The twenty third Moghes Expedition is launched by the Expeditionary Corps. As always, the success of the expedition briefly bolsters the popularity of government exploration missions.
  • 2304: Jimmy Gideon IV, a former member of the Expeditionary Corps and eccentric space pioneer, announces a private venture to "Take humanity further than they've gone before" and vanishes later that year aboard a hybrid bluespace drive-sleeper vessel with a thousand others, toward the galactic core. Jimmy Gideon V assumes control of the Gideon media empire.
  • 2305: Amaya Barros, former Senator from Earth, is appointed Secretary-General of the Sol Central Government, the first Earthling secretary general in more than three decades.
  • 2306: The drug 'Three-Eye' finds its way in small doses onto the streets of Pluto. It spreads, slowly, from there.
  • 2311: The present year. Humanity has spread across the galaxy.

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