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NanoTrasen (NT) is one of the great megacorporations of the modern day. It deals in research of the most advanced sciences, such as genetics, bluespace, and – recently – the uses of Phoron, as well as mass consumer manufacturing on a truly galactic scale. They also have a sizeable asset protection and security branch with which they secure both investments and occasionally new acquisitions – a distressing rival to some minor star systems, and a powerful administrative branch sitting atop it all, directing their company's actions. NanoTrasen is characterized by its aggression and questionable ethics, which, combined with the high emphasis they put on new, untested and dangerous technology, means their installations are often considered unsafe and hazardous.

To a degree few of its competitors could achieve, NanoTrasen owes its success to diversity and quick reactions to unfolding events aboard its starships. Worth a distinct laugh to employees who are told of this, NanoTrasen's fluidity and aggression tactics are still considered the core of its success. While most facilities get their personnel already prepared for specific roles, among the stars situation often changes quickly and drastically – far faster than a flight of a shuttle from the nearest NanoTrasen's station takes – and so the choice of assignments is up to the commanding officers (especially – Head of Personnel) depending on the most urgent needs at the moment. NanoTrasen hires almost anyone possessing a skill in areas such as science, medicine or space-engineering, and any contracted worker can hope for a decent wage after passing a few basic tests, especially if sent to an important installation.

As a result of this simple hiring process, NanoTrasen's hiring process is often flimsy in sorting out industrial spies, often instead keeping orders on high to make the best of having even rival talent or tattlers on payroll – a reality in the modern day – using the best of loopholes to ensure from an entry level position, it would be impossible, although sorely testing, to find the launch for a lawsuit or get away with real assets. Often experts skilled in almost any area areas such as detective work, cooking or sanitation also find their place on NanoTrasen's payroll and onboard corporation's ships for support.

NanoTrasen's history and policies give a paradoxical reputation as both a life ruiner and one of the best second chances many people will get.


NanoTrasen Inc. is a megacorporation, originally founded on Mars in the 23rd Century by a man named Xavier Trasen. NanoTrasen started out as a small company, whose research was mostly based around gene-therapy.

The corporation was effective at patenting methods that lead to more cost effective coverage plans for business use, primarily through aggressive business tactics than personal research brilliance – many minor bio/med research facilities ended up on the unpleasant end of Xavier Trasen's desire to make a name for himself and sharklike approach, and were bought out and taken apart for his company's capitalization. By the end of the decade, NanoTrasen became a true megacorporation.

During the second half of the 23rd Century, Phoron was discovered. NanoTrasen and its competitors were, naturally, the foremost corporations in attempting to exploit this valuable new resource, and they all set up numerous stations and factories around the Phoron giants in order to exploit the resource. This only jump-started the economy, and the so-called Orange Rush began, with all of the corporations attempting to find as many uses of the valuable Phoron as possible in order to profit the most from the Human governments.

Research facilities, stations, ships and other installations were being manufactured faster than ever. NanoTrasen was one of the more bloodthirsty corporations, and managed to bankrupt and absorb many other companies on a larger scale that ever before. Many feel NanoTrasen's only defining ability is in capitalizing upon other's hard work – a not an entirely untrue assumption. Nonetheless, this only further increased NanoTrasen's power and scope, ratcheting it up to the status of a true super-corporation, one of the top 10 most expansive business empires in the galaxy.


NanoTrasen is still under control of the powerful Trasen family, with the Patriarch being Jakob Trasen III. The Family is the top tier of power in the NanoTrasen Corporation. Directly below them, is ‘The Board.’ The Board is the Board of Directors for NanoTrasen, and as such, run the corporation to the wishes of the Trasen family. Currently, and for the past century or so, the Board is made up of 7 Directors:

  • Jackson Trasen – Board Chairman and CEO. He is a very narcissistic man, often thought of as too prideful for his own good, but he has helped NanoTrasen maintain its powerhouse status of a megacorporation. There’s talk of him wanting to absorb other major companies into NanoTrasen to gain more status and power for the corporations.
  • Kim Taggert – Board Vice Chair and COO. Often the host of the most lavish of corporate parties, Taggert has been seen in recent years as the “most expensive asset of the NanoTrasen Corporation” due to her lavish lifestyle. She is also the organizer of corporate operations beneath Rigebauld.
  • Lee Smith – Treasurer and CFO. A very, large man, Smith has been rumored to have found his way into the pocket of every political leader in Sol Gov in the last decade. He has boosted the yearly gains of the corporation but also tied to shadier activities that some in the Tagert family wish to avoid.
  • Melissa Steele – Boardmember and CSO. Steele has not made many public appearances unless the other Board members are there as well. She’s often been known to let her subordinates run most of the things happening in the Research&Development sector of the Corporation. Many have questioned why she is in charge of one of the most vital aspects of NanoTrasen, despite the fact that under her, R&D at NT is unrivaled in the galaxy.
  • Rupert Goodwin – Boardmember and CRO. The ‘playboy’ of NanoTrasen, Goodwin has been in many magazines and other news articles in “Top 100 Sexiest Men,” categories. His position as Chief Relations Officer is quite well deserved, as it seems people just melt in his hands.
  • Alexander Hasham – Boardmember and CDO. The Iron Man in the Corporate Colossus. Hasham was appointed to Chief Defense Officer after his private military force, who had been involved in a variety of scandals involving Species Rights violations across the galaxy, was absorbed into NanoTrasen. He’s known as a tough, overbearing man, whose anger sends him into fits of rage. He’s also partly responsible for the power, strength, and number of the NanoTrasen Security Force.


NanoTrasen’s net worth in wealth and assets sits approximately at the 127.9 trillion thaler mark, with it being the wealthiest megacorporation in Human history. The Trasen family itself is one of the wealthiest, and most powerful figures in Human society.

The stock prices for the corporation are extremely high, causing most, if not all, of the shareholders to be upper-class citizens. The Trasen family themselves own 63% of NanoTrasen, with the rest being divided between the Board members, and a few thousand millionaires and billionaires who take part in the corporation's successes and failures. Some theorize that those with larger shares are often sitting Trasen's pocket, and are there to make the corporation seem more open to the public, but the Trasen's have disputed these claims. The total number of employees working for NanoTrasen as of 2307 was around 850,000 with humans making up the majority of employees, and Unathi the smallest minority.

The total number of NanoTrasen assets (stations, ships, and bases) across the stars is unknown due secret facilities and sites. The current idea is that they have several thousand spread through human space, in various solar systems. The major systems are Nyx, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, Sirius, and Sol.

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