Unathi Life Cycle

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This page details the state of physical and mental development of an Unathi at each stage of their long lifecycle.


Unathi hatchlings are small creatures, quadrupedal in build, with sharp teeth and rudimentary talons. Despite how clever they are, they are rather asocial and act purely on instincts, which are survival and feeding. Because of this, hatchlings are extraordinarily violent, normally attacking each other minutes after hatching, to fulfill their natural desire to eat anything edible in their path. Despite their ability to mostly fend for themselves in most nesting environments, they are heavily watched over. Normally, a mother will prevent them from killing each other, although the degree of care provided varies from clan to clan.


At around the two to three-year mark, the Unathi’s brain has develops further, with their murderous instincts growing quieter, so that they are more tolerant of other beings. It is at this age that an infant will gather two to three other cohorts in a ‘nest pack’. In rural areas this means the beginning of a new life, consisting of hunting and stockpiling kills. Armed with sharp teeth and claws, as well as the keen senses and instincts of a predator, Unathi young often launch themselves in leaps several times their own body length to make kills. They rarely sleep, as their metabolism is extremely high at this age.

At five to six years, they have doubled in size, developing significant strength in their limbs and torso, shifting to a more bipedal (albeit hunched over) stance. The Unathi will understand rudimentary language, mostly to communicate with its ‘nest pack’. It is around now that they are given names. At this stage of life, education begins, as many clans seek to teach their growing young necessary skills and crafts early. This is especially true for city-state dwellers, who begin to give them simpler manual tasks at around this age; on the opposite, some primitive clans leave their young to their own devices.


At around thirteen, the Unathi’s rib plates have start to develop. It can be likened to teething, and it is reportedly incredibly uncomfortable to experience. The Unathi’s brain develops complexity in an order of magnitude, having roughly the intelligence and curiosity of a young child of any race. Teenagers walk upright, climb, and swim with great agility, especially if threatened. They become attracted to tool use, and will often be seen tinkering with anything he can take. At this age Unathi possess a keen sense of smell, although their sense of touch is quite lacking due to their scales. Language skills develop further, allowing teenagers to attract and communicate with others. They lose proximity to the ‘nest pack’, no longer relying on them for survival (although they will likely remain lifelong pals). It is standard of this age to feel a great need to prove oneself.


Around age twenty-five, Unathi are physically mature and are seen as ‘full’ members of their Clan. However, this can happen before this age, depending on situation and property relations within the clan. While aggression will still take hold on occasion, it is hardly as severe as when they were young.


Elders are the Unathi of either sex who had reached the age of around one hundred and fifty, and surpassed others in term of experience and wisdom. The Elders are likely well versed in their field, and the natural aggression is all but gone, replaced with a more calculating nature. Their scales will begin getting dull, and their eyes will become yellow. Nevertheless, they are still well agile, and had likely gained quite a prestigious bulk.

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