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In terms of size vessels nominally go, from largest to smallest:

  • Supercarrier
  • Battlecarriers
  • Carriers
  • Flagships
  • Escort Carriers
  • Battlecruisers
  • Cruisers
  • Destroyers
  • Frigates
  • Corvettes
  • Single-Seaters.

Craft, varying massively in purpose, size and scale fit into no set size category, and can be, on average, anywhere from the size of an Escort Carrier (in the case of the Lubna) to a single-seater.


Flagships are nominally large Battlecruisers in size and scale with their own hangar. A force unto themselves, most Flagships are heavily armed, armoured and are usually the centerpiece of a Fleet flag group. Rare and expensive, there is usually only one of these per-Fleet.

Name Description
Amazon-Class The newest in the collection of SolGov Fleet ships, this battlecarrier is fitted with the newest technology and weaponry, as well as a healthy complement of strike craft. Most importantly though is its advanced suite of command, information, and communication equipment. Only two are currently deployed: the SFV Amazon and the SFV Victorious.
Resolution-Class The most common type of flagship, this class is little more than an upsized battlecruiser with an impromptu hangar tacked on. Slow, but with a sharp bite, the Resolution-class is still a force to be reckoned with, even on its own.


Supercarriers are among the most important vessels in the Fleet, carrying a multitude of just about everything a Fleet needs to function and large numbers of troops and numerous smaller vessels.

Name Description
Terra-Class Antique class of supercarrier of which all have been decommissioned, save for its namesake ship, the SFV Terra, which has been converted into a museum.
Aldrin-Class This class is the backbone of the SolGov fleet. It holds a multitude of troops, supplies, and craft, carrying an army with it wherever it goes. Light on conventional armament, the Aldrin relies on other spacecraft for defense. Capable of carrying ten squadrons of strike craft, over a dozen support craft, as well as a few docked larger vessels of varying designations and size, these imposing vessels are limited largely by their speed and need for resupply.

Other Carriers

The Fleet utilises a number of other types of carrier, with carriers forming the centrepieces of many Fleet groups. Carriers tend to operate defensively and are usually escorted by large numbers of other, smaller vessels for protection.

Name Description
Scorpio-Class Battlecarrier More self-sufficient than both carriers and battlecruisers, the Scorpio-class is often found at the heart of smaller "wolfpack" fleets, pursuing independent objectives during larger engagements. Equipped with two large flight pods, point defense cannons, heavy armor, and a host of other weapons, these Battlecarriers are practically fleets unto themselves. However, the expense of these vessels, especially compared to the older Capricorn-class, means that they are fairly rare.
Nefertari-class Carrier This class is often found linked with its larger counterparts to "share the load" of maintaining a fighter wing. These classes often carry support equipment that supercarriers cannot, along with utility spacecraft. Operating independently, Nefertari-class ships tend to be too generalized for anything more than patrol missions.
Orca-class Escort Carrier Only capable of carrying two squadrons of strike craft, the Orca makes up for its small complement with a longer range than its larger counterparts, as well as more conventional weaponry. The Orca can often be found protecting stationary installations and supply fleets. The Orca gained a reputation during the Gaia Conflict for an ability to operate behind enemy lines autonomously for weeks at a time.


Name Description
Midway-Class The main combat vessel of the Fleet, this ship has big guns and tons of armor, made to take enemy ships head-on. A preponderance of forward-facing armor and weaponry necessitates that Midway-class vessels travel with escorts.
Charles De Gaulle-class An older battlecruiser, the De Gaulle-class has some advantages over the Midway in armor and support capabilities, most importantly: a large storage bay containing dropships, landing craft, and vehicles for leading landing operations.


Name Description
Waterloo-class A counterpart to the Midway, the Waterloois also built for direct combat, but has less armor and forward-facing weaponry. Instead, it is equipped with support weaponry, a larger complement of missiles and torpedoes, as well as electromagnetic jamming equipment. Some Waterloo cruisers eschew most space-to-space weaponry entirely, and carry weapons designed for planetary bombardment.


Name Description
Antietam-class The combat support vessel of the Fleet, this class has an average amount of both weaponry and armor, designed to screen larger craft and swarm larger enemies. Mediocre in open combat, most Antietam-class vessels remain part of larger fleets.
Yari-Class Specifically designed as a capital ship killer, the Yari class is built around an enormous mass driver, designed to fire both conventional and nuclear projectiles. Lacking in armor and other armament, the Yari has only speed and the defenses of other vessels to protect it as it closes to accurate firing range.


Name Description
Somme-class A nimble vessel, Somme-class ships provide valuable support platforms for the fleet, filling roles from minelaying to drone control. Standard equipmentincludes an array of point defense cannons for taking down guided projectiles and strike craft.
Nuum-Class A more specialized vessel than the Somme, Nuum-class frigates are equipped with thousands of missiles of varying payloads, designed to screen against fighters, drones, and other smaller craft. With such a focused specialization, missile frigates are almost never seen operating alone.


Name Description
Lexington-class More an anti-fighter and hunter-killer vessel than anything, this class is often sent out to flank formations, and catch enemies that have strayed from their escorts. In more unstable sectors, Lexington-class vessels are sometimes used as up-armored patrol craft.
Cartwheel-Class Assault Corvette A dedicated ground support class, these ships are filled to the brim with troops, aircraft, and supplies to act as the link between carriers and the ground. These ships often forego anti-ship weaponry for increased armor and carrying capacity, as well as keel-facing cannons for use planetside.


Name Description
Rockfish-class Stealth Craft Only known to the public because of high-profile links in the Committee of Defense and Security, Rockfish are used for sensitive missions and covert operations. Estimated to be between a Corvette and a Patrol Craft in size, the actual capabilities of the Rockfish-class are classified.
Dromedary-class Support Craft A highly modular vessel, the Dromedary-class is reconfigured for a variety of support roles, including tender, rescue and salvage, and replenishment. Lightly armored and armed, a Dromedary-class without escorts is a juicy target.
Lubna-class Medical Craft An older vessel, Lubna-class hospital ships remain in service providing medical care and transportation to wounded members of the Fleet and Army, often ferrying the injured back to planetside or orbital medical centers.
Cobra-class Patrol Craft Little more than a pair of engines, crew compartment, and pulse cannon, the Cobra is often used to board and search craft during interdictions.
BF-28 "Albatross" Landing Craft A ponderous ship, Albatrosses are oversized drop pods, packed with enough armor to make it through planetary defenses and deploy their pissed off cargo: an entire Armsman Detachment or Army Battalion. Sometimes called the "One-Way A" Albatrosses have a reputation for being able to make it to the surface, but in the process take so much damage they are unable to return to orbit.
HG-101 "Manta" Electronic Warfare Craft Designed to jam communications and disrupt missile targeting, Mantas are also equipped with strong sensor equipment, and are often used as forward recon craft.
PM-24 "Flare" Modular Transport A multi-role spacecraft, the Flare can be configured as a transport, dropship, gunship, or patrol craft, among other options. It is a fairly common utility craft aboard larger SolGov spacecraft. Popular among PMCs and mercenary groups, refitted Flares can be found in many hands throughout human space.


Name Description
PM-55 "Shikra" Interceptor An advanced superiority fighter, the Shikra is one of the most commonly used strike craft in the fleet. While primarily designed for fighter-on-fighter combat, the Shikra can also be used for recon, and is equipped with above-average stealth technology.
PM-07 "Comet" Tactical Bomber Equipped with heavy torpedo and missile mounts, the Comet is designed to take down capital ships and stations. Rarely used by the Fleet, Comet pilots have a reputation for being somewhat lazy.

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