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Xynergy is a privately-held company specializing in large-scale space fishing, live xenoflora and xenofauna capture, and xenobiological research. As of 2310, they are the largest supplier of space-faring animals in human space, and have long produced equipment used to study xenobiological organisms. Recently, they have gained publicity – and to some, notoriety – for their discovery and training of the giant armoured serpentids.



Originally founded in 2212 by Grace Heteroc, Xynergy started off as a small fishing company consisting of little more than the founder, her crew, and her ship: the Curious Mako, a custom-made space carp fishing vessel. Originally intending to catch carp for processing in Heteroc's native system of Partheno, the company was approached by a NanoTrasen representative seeking live specimens – not only of space carp, but also of the vastly more dangerous space pike.

Unfamiliar with the rarer, larger space pike, Heteroc agreed to obtain a specimen in exchange for an exorbitant thaler reward. Inexperience and underestimation of the pike's deadliness led to a disastrous first attempt, with the fish badly injuring several crew members and causing extensive damage to Heteroc's ship. Rather than abandon the job, Heteroc renegotiated for an even more exorbitant fee and redoubled her efforts. In her attempts to capture a live pike, Heteroc would develop the first prototype of the netgun – the device which would go on to become one of Xynergy's first and most profitable products.

Having successfully bagged her first live pike with the new invention, Heteroc came to realize the potential profit in live, dangerous xenofauna. Shifting focus to equipment and live capture, Heteroc would see her company grow into the leading supplier of xenofauna, xenoflora, and xenobiology-related equipment in the SCG.


By 2235, Heteroc’s company had grown from the one small ship to a small fleet of vessels dedicated to the capture and sale of xenofauna and xenoflora.This proved to be a lucrative niche, and the company found itself selling to corporate R&D programs, government researchers, and private collectors alike. It was during this period of expansion that the company gained the name “Xynergy”, though the exact origin of the moniker is debated.

Between the rapidly-rising demand for live xenobiological specimens and a drastic shortage of suppliers, Xynergy flourished, quickly gaining a stranglehold over the market. The first Xynergy offices were constructed in the Partheno system, alongside a slew of shipyards, production and processing plants, and other corporate fixtures. By the mid-23rd century, Xynergy had already become the largest xenofauna provider in the SCG, and was quickly expanding its scope to equipment sales, biotechnological research, and beyond.

Owing to the bureaucratic difficulties of the Parthenese legal system, Xynergy did not officially incorporate until 2262. Since then, the corporation has developed many products used throughout the field of xenobiological research, including the stasis cage and the “dociler” – a neurological serum capable of rendering aggressive and dangerous xenofauna permanently tame. More recently, Xynergy has made a foray into the field of genetic modification, leading to the creation of space carp which produce life-saving medications, goats which can consume nearly any material without issue, and a vast array of other bizarre genetically-altered organisms.

Products and Business

Xynergy is the leading provider of xenofauna, xenoflora, and xenobiology-related equipment in SolGov-affiliated space, with few close competitors.

Product Description
Netguns Among the most well-known of Xynergy's products, the netgun was originally based on 20th-century Earth designs, using an actual rope net. Today's netgun comes in several varieties, with the most popular being the stasis net gun. Designed with live capture in mind, the stasis net gun fires a large, proprietary netting that suspends a creature’s biological and cognitive processes similar to the effects of cryo-stasis. This leaves the specimen trapped, and allows transport through environments that would otherwise prove lethal for the captive creature.
Stasis Cage Sold hand-in-hand with the netgun, the stasis cage is a longer-term solution to xenofauna containment. The stasis cage places captive specimen into a long-term state of biostasis, thus allowing even the most dangerous of xenofauna to be transported safely and securely to whatever pen or cell they may be destined for.
Dociler Among Xynergy's rarer and more expensive products, the dociler is a small injection gun which fires a slurry of neuroreactive chemicals into the nervous systems of aggressive fauna, extinguishing aggressive behavior and mimicking behaviors associated with domestication. Favored for use with particularly dangerous fauna and used extensively in the exotic pet preparation process, the dociler is prohibitively expensive, making it a rare and sought-after product when available.
Carp Products While hardly the only supplier, Xynergy is still a dominating force in the space fishing industry, and rank among the top suppliers of carp fillets, Carpotoxin, and other space-fish related goods and resources.
Exotic Pets Xynergy is well-known as a major provider of exotic pets, exporting fauna from worlds across known space. They use techniques such as genetic manipulation for long-term projects, as well as tools like the dociler to gauge demand for new species.
Research Subjects and Livestock The other side of the animal trade, Xynergy is the primary supplier of xenofauna and flora for industrial, commercial, and scientific use, covering all manner of creatures for the right price.

Giant Armoured Serpentids

On May 24th, 2241, during a relatively routine expedition to Tau-Wilo in the XX-168 system, contact was made with a strange new species of xenofauna which was initially overlooked, dubbed the giant armoured serpentid (or “GAS”). It was only during testing and observation studies on their Phoron potential that it was determined that the creatures were sapient, and lived in a society with a complex social structure.

It was this discovery that made Xynergy a household name. While the GAS lacked the sophistication of other species in the galactic community, their discovery marked a moment in human-alien relations and their introduction was wrought with controversy. This controversy has continued despite (or perhaps, because of) the training and naturalization programs, based on a Grading System, utilized by Xynergy.

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