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The planet of Ouere is a colonial world of the Unathi in the Uuoea-Esa system, newly accessible through the use of Precursor Gateway technology found on Moghes. Ouere, unlike Moghes, is heavily-forested and green, with thick vegetation throughout. The poles of Ouere are covered in small ice caps, something Unathi who have never left Moghes have hardly ever seen before. Much of the world is unexplored; one single Unathi settlement so far exists, and it surrounds the Precursor ruins where the first discovered gateway to Ouere stands.

In 2275, the discovery of a particular precursor ruin in the swamps led the Unathi to an archaic gate-like structure that, once Unathi engineers figured out how it worked, opened a portal or gateway of some kind to a separate ruin on a new world. As it would turn out, this new world was Ouere, another planet in the Unathi System. Yet another artifact rush began, fueled by prospects of unexplored Precursor ruins. Intense friction began to rise through Unathi society, with the clans vying for control over new lands.


Ouere itself was thought little of by the Unathi before the discovery of the Gateway; it was just another planet in the sky, noted only by the astronomers. When the Guhr'sshki clan from the outskirts of No'lesk discovered the Precursor ruins and the gateway in Dharaz Marshes, they immediately laid claim to it and begun building a clan home on this new world, naming it after their Kaahnepo, Khamuss. As word spread of the Gateway and of the new city, more and more Unathi began to migrate to this new world, either seeking to live in this paradise that had opened for them or to learn and take what they can from it. Since the discovery of the Gateways connecting two habitable planets, a great wave of migration to Ouere from Moghes has begun to take place.

The planet is covered in a variety of biomes, from tundras of the poles to the flooded forests and marches of the interior. Most of the planet is covered in foggy wetland, with the largest bodies of water being more akin to lakes and seas rather than any ocean. A lot of clean water can be found in subterranean caverns. Due to the amount of liquid water on the surface, the planet itself is suspected to have been glacial at some point, yet terraformed by the Precursors.

A coalition of explorers put together by the Hegemony has been sent across the planet to map it and collect as much data as they can for this world's new inhabitants.


While Ouere is rich with flora, it is rather scarce on animal life. Insects dominate local food chain, with some bugs growing as large as hands. Massive trees stretch hundreds of feet into the sky and are wide enough to be embraced by five adult males at the same time. Some plants and insects are notably toxic or carnivorous, and encounters with them have left many Unathi injured.

One of few large animals encountered by settlers is something locally called a "bhaven": a large, reptilian, four-legged creature with a hard, spiked shell on its back and two tails with weighted, spiked ends. Unlike turtles, a animal of similar quality from Earth, the bhaven are quite fast, and have been seen to climb trees. It is suggested that bhaven were once native to Moghes, but did not survive the catastrophe that changed the planet. Transported to Ouere by Precursors, bhaven adapted very well to local environment, and so made it to the present day.


Khamuss itself is a bustling center of construction and advanced technology, the best Unathi have to offer. Buildings made of stone and metal are situated on a large plateau surrounded by marches. Local factories and machinery are powered by mysterious engines brought in by the resident clans. There are still inklings of the more backwater sides of the Unathi civilization, such as in the tent city that popped up at the outskirts of Khamuss, with proper homes yet unavailable to the recent migrants.

Although the Guhr'sshki clan originally laid claim to the city, it was largely ignored; still, the Guhr'sshki's power within developed territory is substantial. In the mean time, everything outside the defended and protected boundaries of Khamuss has been left to its own devices.

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