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The Expeditionary Corps Organisation (EXO) is a government-owned, publicly-traded limited liability company assembled from the corporate backers who assisted in funding the Torch project when it opened five years ago. The major players are NanoTrasen, Xynergy and Hephaestus Industries, although many others have a stake. The Expeditionary Corps Organisation reports its earnings and operation plans directly to a board of directors, made up of corporate representatives and members of Expeditionary Corps command and the Committee for the Economy. While on the surface the Expeditionary Corps Organisation appears to have noble goals, it is in reality a compromise between the noble ideals of pioneering science, and the corporate desire to make a quick buck off whatever is found. Rumours also abound about shady practices, hidden protocols, and xenoartifacts being 'lost' in transit, but nothing has been conclusively proven as of yet, and SCG doubtless is reluctant to harpoon their own project.

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