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The Five Megacorporations


Main Article: NanoTrasen

NanoTrasen is a megacorporation with interests in advanced sciences research and mass consumer goods. Through shrewd business and cutthroat politics, it has become the most influential megacorporation in human history with holdings spanning the known universe.

Hephaestus Industries

Main Article: Hephaestus Industries

Hephaestus is a megacorporation dealing in heavy industry, manufacturing, and military-grade weaponry.

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals

Zeng-Hu Pharmaceuticals is a chemical and bio-research megacorporation operating through various subsidiaries and shell companies. The company has strong ties to Brahe, where a majority of the planet's above-water real estate falls under Zeng-Hu corporate ownership.

Zeng-Hu is one of the oldest human corporations still in business today, having been originally founded in the late 20th century as a medical research facility located in mainland China. They received their kick into success after the development of their patented mixture of Tramadol, using the recently discovered Inaprovaline to vastly increase its effects. Zeng-Hu has been slowly growing in scope and power over the last three centuries, as it slowly “established business relationships” with its competitors, willingly or otherwise. From cybernetics, to emergency injection systems, and even genetic manipulation, Zeng-Hu dabbles in it all through various sub-departments, puppet companies, and other varying false fronts. Using this modus operandi, Zeng-Hu has managed to evade anti-trust laws established by the Free Trade Union, and create a quite literal business empire.

Ward-Takahashi GMB

Main Article: Ward-Takahashi GMB

Ward-Takahashi GMB is the youngest of the four megacorporations, supplying advanced electronics and sleek mechanical devices to civilian and military groups alike.

Free Trade Union

The Free Trade Union is an employee-owned conglomerate of tens of thousands of various traders and merchants from all over the galaxy, colloquially known as the 'fifth megacorp'. They control a sizable fleet of vessels of various sizes which are given autonomy from the central command to engage in trading. They also host a fleet of combat vessels which respond directly to the central command for defending traders when necessary.

They are in control of many large-scale trade stations across the known galaxy, even in non-SCG space. Generally, these are multi-purpose stations, but they always keep areas filled with duty-free shops. Almost anything is sold there and products that are forbidden or have insanely high taxes in other places are generally sold in the duty-free shops at very cheap and low prices.

Major Companies

Grayson Manufactories Ltd.

Grayson Manufactories Ltd. mines, refines, and produces iron, steel, aluminum, and other metals for use in casing and other production. They also supply general materials ready for assembly for construction projects – these parts are interchangeable and considered somewhat cheap, but have proven to be consistently reliable. Grayson currently takes a fairly neutral stance on the other major corporations, though has a history of monopolizing specific trades and union-busting – and, according to rumor, industrial sabotage. The company is known to operate in Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation space under the name Grayson Terra.

With the rapidly-improving conditions of intergalactic travel being made available to humans, opportunities for new and untapped planets with major deposits of raw iron and other materials became rapidly feasible. One of the first to clamor for these resources was the teetering Earth-based giant Grayson Manufactories Ltd., a prevalent manufacturer of processed metals such as steel, and construction parts such as girders, piping, and wall paneling – though resources were starting to trickle away with every roar of a blast furnace. Taking the initiative to save his ancestral company, Andrew Grayson invested heavily in off-world transportation and began moving the remains of the corporation from Earth to Mars, feverishly securing rights to mine entire plots of asteroid field, and building compounds to house their factories. From there, limited successes lead to an air of pessimism, though the reveal of massive ore deposits on one of their plots lead to a surge in economic growth.

Gilthari Exports

Main Article: Glithari Exports

Gilthari is the largest producer of alcohol and luxury items in known space. Look at most brands of cigarettes, alcohol, snack food, etc. and you'll see the stamp of Gilthari or one of their subsidiaries.

Aether Atmospherics and Recycling

Main Article: Aether Atmospherics and Recycling

Aether is the prime maintainer and provider of atmospherics systems across both the many ships that navigate the vast expanses of space and the life support on current and future Human colonies.


Main Article: Xynergy

Xynergy is a privately held company with two main areas of work. They are the largest fisher of space faring animals and they research and produces equipment used to study xenobiological organisms. They recently are best known for discovering and training the giant armoured serpentids.

Deimos Advanced Information Systems (DAIS)

Main Article: Deimos Advanced Information Systems

Deimos Advanced Information Systems (DAIS) is a large corporation specializing in information technology such as computer hardware and software, telecommunications equipment, and networking equipment. It is the number one supplier of computer technology in The Sol Central Government, its systems used by most consumers and businesses within SolGov.


SAARE (Strategic Assault and Asset Retention Enterprises) is a quickly growing Private Military Corporation catering to large firms requiring discrete military and private security services. The company has taken to hiring skilled veterans from both private and public military services but have begun instituting training programs to breed their own operatives for the future. Typical assignments for SAARE contractors include private law enforcement, ship escort, location security, VIP escort, and VIP or asset recovery. In the last decade, the company has recently signed onto a number of contracts with NanoTrasen to complement their own Asset Protection forces.

Major Bill's Transportation and Shipping

Major Bill's is a freight hauling company employing a massive fleet of freighters, tankers, and haulers. While many major companies employ their own shipping, Major Bill's connects the many colonies, unaffiliated habitats, and settlements across the known galaxy. Although the majority of their employees are pilots and their maintenance crew, the company is beginning to hire on additional security contractors to ensure their cargo's safety.

Focal Point Energistics

Focal Point Energistics is an electrical engineering solutions firm originally formed as a conglomerate of Earth power companies and affiliates. Focal Point manufactures and distributes vital components in modern power grids, such as TEGs, PSUs and their specialty product, the SMES. The company is often consulted and contracted by larger organisations due to their expertise in their field.

Xion Industrial

Xion Industrial is primarily a bulk manufacturing firm originally founded in the 23rd century. Rather than moving forward with newer innovations, such as positronic technology, Xion continues to mass-produce their cheap robotic drones. In recent years, they've introduced a new line of prosthetic equipment which prioritizes function over form for use in the industrial and military sectors.

Bishop Cybernetics

Bishop Cybernetics is a megacorporation with a hallmark of blending medical and industrial technology with a high quality, futurist design philosophy. Their brand of prosthetic limbs, replacement organs and implants are well known for being top quality products for the discerning amputee and trans-humanist alike.

Lawson Arms

Lawson Arms is known for designing and producing various weapons used by private security and police forces across the galaxy. Their line features products ranging from pepper spray to basic energy rifles. They're best known for their standard energy pistol, a versatile tool found in almost every armory in the known galaxy due to its lethal and non-lethal versatility.

Robust Industries LLC.

Robust Industries is a company whose success revolves around their patented method for preserving and space-proofing food, drink, and other perishables. Robust has multiple subsidiary companies, including the owner of Space Cola, and stocks vending machines all across the known universe.

Other Companies

Name Industries Notes
al-Maliki and Mosley Firearms Producers of the finest revolvers and revolver-style products in the known world
Aussec Armoury Ballistic firearms Popular with private security and mercenary firms
Blackstone Foundries Planetary vehicle manufacturer, shuttlemaking Ongoing interest in expanding into shipbuilding
Dawnlight Celestial Defence Point defence weaponry Specialise in affordable railguns for colonies
Dromedary Co Cigarettes An extremely old brand of cigarette that has changed hands and names over its centuries of business
Eclipse Innovations Research and development Prides itself on equal opportunities hiring and ethical research practices
Falco Designs Luxury civilian shipbuilding Manufacturing facilities built into Ceres asteroid
Haakon Group Military shipbuilding Manufacturing facilities built into Saturn's moons
Kappa Communications Long-distance communications Manufacturer of the Quantum Entanglement fax machine
Lumoco Arms Sidearm Manufacturer Mass-produced ballistic pistols
Mahimaku Instruments Semiconductors, micromechatronics, and timekeeping Produces some consumer goods like electronic devices, optics, and timepieces, but most of their business is in robotics and telecommunication parts fabrication or in timekeeping for satellites and other devices requiring relativistic clock correction. Based in Tadmor.
Mars Security Industries Cheap ballistic firearms
Morpheus Cyberkinetics Prosthetics and cybernetics Has a board of directors mostly made up of free positronics. Not an uncommon brand for free positronics' chassis, mostly due to the durable, no-frills, affordable nature of their products.
O'Neill Manufacturing Softsuits, high-quality voidsuits, cheap hardsuits Colonial startup marketing affordable products to Spacers
Petrovitch Spacecraft Military shipbuilding contractors
Proxima Centauri Risk Control Private security Proxima Centauri Risk Control, often known as PCRC, is one of the largest suppliers of private security in Sol Space. PCRC handles numerous government, private and corporate contracts and provides a variety of services ranging from private law enforcement, security, close protection, asset protection, search and rescue and peacekeeping and escort duties. A relatively quiet and new company, it has quickly established itself as a reliable and effective provider of security solutions. This has often put it at odds with its main competitor, SAARE.
SaniCorp Medical gear Large-scale manufacturers of sterile gloves, gauze and autoinjectors
Skinner Catering Restaurant chain Frequently accused of misleading advertisement and poor fire safety
Slate Sisters Engineering Shipbuilding, asteroid excavation Headquartered in Alpha Centauri
Sterling Manufacturing Luxury consumer goods Cigar and liquor manufacturies based on Mars
Temperamento Tobacco The Temperamento Company is a large tobacco grower based along the lip of the Mariner Valley on Mars. While originally headquartered on Earth, Temperamento was one of the first agricultural companies to capitalize on the terraforming of Mars
Terraphistus Armour Missile systems, projectile guidance systems Heavy investments in now-redundant atmosphere and sea vehicles
Veymed Medical gear, prosthetics Supplies some of the most lifelike prosthetics available on the market. Can be very expensive.
Vu-Cheong Scientific shipbuilding
Walton Industries Cheap consumer goods Out-produced due to advances in automation

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